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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gun Nut Edition 4

Round and round we go with the gun nuts!

1. Bill O'Reilly said... ::Record Scratch Sound::

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "Congratulations, gun-grabbers. You have Bill O'Reilly on your side!"

Congratulations, right-winger, your link doesn't even play the full clip! lol

So, is Bill O'Reilly wrong in what he said in that blurb?  Do you even know what he said?  Waiting!

2. Climate Change, it totally wasn't a REPUBLICAN that changed the term!

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "Interesting change of words from the people who brought us global warming...no, wait, it's global climate change."

First, Lindaman: What does your comment have to do with the goddamn article?

Second, Lindaman... the people who brought us global warming are wasteful polluters like your kind.

Third, Lindaman... Lefties didn’t change the name from global warming to climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has existed since the 80s, and the phrase climate change was used in scientific literature throughout the 80s as well. The ‘they’ that you are looking for who popularized the phrase "climate change" over "global warming" in the 2000s was Republican Spokesperson Frank Luntz, on behalf of the Bush administration, who felt the implications of the phrase ‘climate change’ were less dire. No, I’m not joking.


Oh, and by the way, just as a bonus: Luntz later changed his position on Global Warming, admitting that humans do indeed have an effect on it.  Because he actually, you know, learns and stuff:


You FAIL yet again, Lindaman.  Yet again, you didn't do even a lick of research.

Lindaman then says: "Fine. If it's gun safety, tell me what gun safety programs your side has rolled out in, well, ever."

Gun safety tests to buy a gun is a good example. lol

3. Reagan totally didn't say that quote that he said!

Lindaman posts this right-wing link:


Then Lindaman says: "Hmmmm...a push for gun control full of lies?"


I love how right-wingers will happily throw Reagan under a bus by saying "Oh, he was just CRAZY at the time." lol

Reagan said similar things long before that:


Nice try! lol

4. When inferior, lie about the superior!

Lindaman posts this picture:

An example of why this is so flawed: The United Kingdom Violent crime rates includes all violence against the person, sexual offences, and robbery as violent crime.

The United States Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics counts five categories of crime as violent crimes: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault.

If the same criteria was used for both countries, the US far outweighs the UK as far as violent crime.

Lindaman claims gun violence rose after they passed a strict gun ban.  What he doesn't mention is that gun-related crimes have gone DOWN, not up.  Most right-wingers are linking to websites that subsequently link to a decade-old article from 2003.  Nice try.

The latest stats are here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2012/jul/22/gun-homicides-ownership-world-list

So, yet again, right-wingers have to lie to justify their bullshit.

5. That heckler was totally not heckling when he heckled!

Lindaman posted this right-wing link:


Then Lindaman says: "Wait...another lie from the pro-gun control side????"

What do you mean "another" lie?  You haven't posted a single lie from the "pro-gun control side" yet.

And the heckler incident wasn't a lie, either.

They can't even answer his question!

"Why does anybody need assault weapons and high capacity clips?"

"Because the 2nd amendment!"

How in the hell does that answer his question?  What does the 2nd Amendment have to do with needing  assault weapons and high capacity clips?

The 2nd amendment confers a right, but it doesn't create a need.

They were saying the second amendment causes you to buy a gun. That's just loony. And unbelievably insensitive to say to a man whose child was just shot and killed. It was disrespectful, and also ignorant. The 2nd Amendment is not a reason, and it's not an excuse.

The shouters chose not answer the question asked because the obvious answer is that no one, other than an member of the U.S. military on active duty, needs such a firearm. Since the shouters didn't mean to answer Mr. Heslin's question and instead chose his tragic address as an opportunity to promote their view that the Second Amendment prohibits any limitations in the firearms legally available to private citizens, what those shouters did is properly termed "heckling" and was incredibly disrespectful to a man grieving so terribly.

They didn't give him an answer.  They were spouting nonsense.  That's heckling.

If you were giving a speech at Toastmasters and asked "Why would someone not believe in God?"  And someone in the audience yelled out "Because the color green!"  Wouldn't you consider that heckling?

He was heckled by a bunch of bird brains squawking the only words they can articulate. And they can only do that because someone else put the words in their mouths. As for actual thinking - no sign of it. Just canned squawking.

They didn't hear it as a question, they heard it as a challenge.

And you can't even argue that it's been edited wrongly (as Lindaman continuously and desperately tries to do to posters like Don Wadleigh).  The clips show the question and the so-called "answers".  So nice try.  In fact, the unedited clip just makes the hecklers look worse!

So... sorry, Lindaman.  He was heckled.  By right-wingers.  The only liars are you guys.

6. A real right-wing hero!

Lindaman posts this picture:

Ah, yes... Ted Nugent.  The guy who openly admitted to shitting his pants to dodge the draft.  Great representative of right-wing gun owners!


What a patriot!


7. Guns for self-defense!  Except when defending yourself!

Lindaman posts these links:



Then Lindaman says: "Yeah. We can trust the police and the government with guns..."

So now Lindaman is anti-police?  Figures.

The fifteen year old, who was shot in the foot, hit somebody with a car.  And they weren't the cops, they were security.

The homeless guy, was suicidal and was trying to get killed by a cop and thus threatened them with a knife.  They tried to tase him first!

Neither of these people died.

If it was a civilian doing the shooting and not the police (or if it was Trayvon Martin who got shot) you would be defending the shooters.

Here's proof of that, as Lindaman happily posted this story of two teens being shot by a civilian:


Of course, the "civilian coach" was actually a professionally trained soldier.  You know, of our government.

Lindaman says "I thought the purpose of a gun was to kill."

Well, one of the teens did die.  So you can jack off to that.

Again, what the hell is your point, Lindaman?

8. Another right-wing, pro-gun hero!

Lindaman posts this picture:

That quote is from William Burroughs.

William Burroughs was playing with guns while drunk and SHOT HIS WIFE IN THE FUCKING HEAD AND KILLED HER.


Again, great representative of right-wing gun nuts.