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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gore, Tours, Chavez!

More right-wing derrrrp!

1. Maxine Waters

Lindaman posted this picture:

Then Lindaman says "What. The.  HELL?"

Um... Lindaman... She corrected herself in the very same presser...and had already used the corrected figure in an earlier tweet.
It's funny the way Lindaman shows up like clockwork when a Democrat may have simply misspoke, but are utterly absent when retarded right-wing heroes talk about legitimate rape, say that domestic violence isn't that bad and that some people like living in abusive relationships, vote against the VAWA because it might help teh gheys, lie about being threatened by the White House, make blatantly racist statements from the Supreme Court bench, hold the U.S. economy hostage unless Obama agrees to fuck the poor and give tax cuts to the rich, or just in general sound like fucking misogynist, racist assholes as a whole.

2. Sequestration

Right-wingers posted this picture:

Obama told the truth.  It would have affected 100,000 kids due to Head Start and subsidy programs being hit due to the sequester.

The two quotes do not contradict each other.  Try again.

I also love the "it was Obama's idea for the sequester" argument.  The sequester idea was born due to GOP unwillingness to compromise on a debt deal two years ago, gambling that they would be in control of the Senate, House and Presidency by the end of 2012.  They failed miserably at two of those things and they held onto the third due to gerrymandering.  At the rate they're going, 2014 is going to be another wake-up call for the GOP considering they apparently hit the Snooze Button after the 2012 wake-up call.  Idiots.

Well, right-wing assholes, you had years to decide where to cut. Instead you went with the gutless option and let someone else decide where to cut. Now you're bitching because you didnt want to do your job?

Regardless of the "it was Oblahma's idea" spin, the GOP own this mess.

3. Al-Jazeera (Again)

Lindaman posted this picture:

Then Lindaman says:

"1) It's what Gore is known for more than anything else. 2) Al Jazeera is a mouthpiece for the same Muslim extremists who want us dead (as evidenced by those who watch the real Al Jazeera and not the cleaned-up-for-Western-Culture version and can translate). 3) Define what a "fair share" is. Currently, the top 20% pay around 90% of the federal tax burden while the lower 50% pay...next to nothing.

And while we're here, has Gore paid his "fair share"? Let's look at 10 years of Gore's taxes, just as the Left demanded we see 10 years of Romney's. Let's see who's been paying.

Read the comments from the NY Times readers. A lot of them are bending over backwards (and using very similar wording, I might add) to defend Al Jazeera.


1) The fact he sold it to oil-backed interests, for one. The fact he wanted to ban the internal combustion engine, for another. 

Gore never called for "banning" the internal combustion engine, he simply said that it was logically possible for the internal combustion engine to be phased out and replaced with more advanced technology in decades to come, and it would be a good idea to work to do so.

Only a idiot would disagree with that.  Or do you really think we'll have to use internal combustion engines forever?

Even the CEO of GM, John Smith, said:  "No car company will be able to thrive in the 21st century if it relies solely on internal combustion engines." (New York Times, January 5 1998)

Even the CEO's of car companies aren't as retarded as you guys.

2) My description of Al-Jazeera is accurate. I have seen translations of some of their "newscasts" and it's VERY anti-Israel and anti-American. 3) Let's see Gore's tax records, then."

Your description of Al-Jazeera is as inaccurate as your bullshit lying about Al Gore.

When he ran for President, Al Gore released his tax returns all the way back to 1992.

Al-Jazeera is anti-Israel?  Al-Jazeera wants us dead?  Lindaman backs this up with NOTHING.  He just does what he always does... repeat "I'm right" over and over like the liar he is.

Oil-backed interests?  Qatar is a regional leader in renewable energy. The solar installations being built will run 80% of their desalination plants.  But by all means, if there's evidence of a pro-petroleum agenda being pushed by Al-Jazeera, it should be simple to find. Right? After all, it's easy to prove FOX News has a pro-oil agenda. lol

President Bush, Secretary Rumsfeld and Secretary Powell have all been interviewed for Al-Jazeera multiple times. Official U.S. sources get plenty of attention.

Yeah, I'm getting real tired of people causing the deaths of Americans in the middle east.   They still haven't captured the guy responsible for the causing the most deaths to Americans there.  One of  these days they will find George W. Bush and bring him to justice.

4. White House Tours OH NOES!

Lindaman posts this link:


Lindaman says: "Of course, the White House tours are run by...volunteers, so the sequester isn't to blame for this."

Ugh.  Lindaman, it's not about the tour guides. It's because of security.

The reason the tours were canceled was because it kept the Secret Service from having to furlough more employees during sequestration than they would have otherwise been required to.

It was because of the sequester.  Deal. 

Lindaman, trying to cover up his screw-up, then later drags in this right-wing post:


Then Lindaman says "Really?"

Yes, REALLY, Lindaman.

That article, written by right-wing lunkhead Graham, quoted ABC arriving at an $18,000 figure.  But what he "forgot" to mention, is that this figure was based on 30 officers for 20 hours a week at $30 an hour. The Secret Service quoted 37 officers for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at $50 an hour. 

Sorry, it's still a fact.

5. Obama totally lied when he told the truth!

Lindaman implies Obama lied in his statement that janitors would get their pay cut due to the sequester.

Sorry, overtime pay was cut.  Most of those janitors depend on that overtime pay for their income.

They got a pay cut.  Thanks, Republicans!  You screwed the workers yet again!

6. Obama Vacation

Lindaman posts this link:


Bush flew himself and everyone in his administration out to Texas nearly ten times a year, and a total of seventy-seven times in his eight years in office.  Obama takes 80% less vacations than Bush ever did!

7. C-Span Twits

Lindaman says he sees twits on C-Span. 

And there are!  Here's one now, one Lindaman can relate to:


8. Union Thugs!!!

Lindaman posts this link:  


Then Lindaman says "Regardless of how you feel about unions, this is NOT cool."

Agreed!  Too bad the person that did that was not the union. lol

9. Bloomberg is totally not one of us though!

Lindaman posted this picture:

Um... Bloomberg is not a Democrat.

Next!  lol

10. Chavez vs. "War Hero"

Lindaman posted this desperate photo:

Chris Kyle? The guy that made some bizarre claims about killing Muslims for Jesus, and made some really creepy comments about how he enjoyed killing people over there?  And how god guided his bullets and how it was god's will when people died as a result of those bullets?

Ah, well.  At least he disproved the right-wing claim that you never see killings at gun ranges because they're so well armed.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun... except when they don't.  We need more guns in the gun ranges so this kind of thing can never happen again!

Is the President supposed to mention every veteran death, even ones (like Kyle) who didn't die in active duty?  Was Kyle different from these people to you guys because... of a high kill count?  Or was it simply because he was more well-known because he wrote a self-aggrandizing book about himself being a hero, which SEALs frown upon?  Was it because he died as a result of taking a Marine with PTSD to a GUN RANGE?

The mentally unstable soldier that killed Kyle, should the President go to his funeral and call him a war hero too?

As far as Chavez:  Well, it's not smart for a President to be dancing on the grave of Chavez when his charity has been directly involved in the United States.

Also, Chavez wasn't a "dictator" as the redneck photo claims.  He was elected, by a huge majority, by the working class.  Chavez won four consecutive free elections. But then, right-wingers are ignorant and think anyone in a position of authority, that isn't American, is a "dictator."  If he was so bad, the people would have kicked him out long ago.

Not to mention, our current government does not want to continue the idiotic feud that escalated between Hugo and Dubya. In my opinion, it was one of the silliest feuds ever. Hugo was still quite popular with many people, so it would not be very diplomatic for our leaders to speak badly of him, even if what they said was true.

Chavez pissed off the right wing oil tycoons in this country, and that makes me chuckle. 

Right-wingers hated Chavez because he didn't conveniently die when they decided Salas Römer should be Venezuela's leader, and because the people elected him on a platform of running his country's economy on a moderately different system than the system the USA has chosen to use, and he didn't completely fail at it.  It really hurt right-wingers' asses that Chavez was popular in his country. Right-wingers just can't quite understand how that is possible. 

Chavez was anti-imperialism and anti-war, and he more than doubled Venezuela's literacy rate, slashed the number of people going hungry by more than 90%, and made basic healthcare available to many people in a country who had previously only dreamed of meeting a real doctor. However, it is true his economic measures led to a lack of investment in critical infrastructure, and frequenlty antagonized countries and companies that could have been beneficial to his attempts at helping people. He was a mixed bag at best, but to pretend that he didn't help Venezuela's underclass would be a gross mischaracterization of his record.

If Chris Kyle was running for President under the Democratic ticket, you would be happily trashing him with purple heart bandages and lying about his war record.  So do please shut your fat cakehole, okay?

Chavez wasn't the greatest guy in the world, but he (and Venezuela) did give over 200 million gallons of home heating oil to the US poor through Citizens Energy, which means Chavez did more for the poor of the United States than the GOP has ever done.

11. They were totally threats even though they weren't!

Lindaman posted this link:


The Blaze added a "correction" from the Sheriff, stating that Democrats weren't threatening anyone.  He just pulled that comment out of his ass.  So nice try.

12. Nope, he's not a hypocrite.

Lindaman posted this link and picture:

Mark Kelly, husband to Gabrielle Giffords purchases an AR-15 and a handgun after denouncing gun ownership. Days after, when questioned about the purchase he claims he bought it to prove a point and will turn it into the police. Gun control crusader or hypocrite caught red-handed? You be the judge.


Mark Kelly was proving how easy it is to buy a gun even with background checks, the point is that right-wingers need to stop whining about said background checks.  We know you guys jack off to Giffords being shot and cheer for Loughner, though.

13. Again, not a hypocrite.

Lindaman posted this link:


Then Lindaman says "So... hypocrite much?"

Nope, not a hypocrite!  Shooting watermelons doesn't equate to putting assault weapons in criminals' hands, sorry.  In fact, it makes him more credible, since you idiots can't say he's never fired a gun! That's why he and every other sane person on planet Earth laughed their asses off when you tried to paint him as a hypocrite. lol

14.  The "rap sheet."

Lindaman posted this link:


Nice try, Lindaman:


15. Those donations don't count!

Lindaman says: "So, Obama gives up 5% of his salary to help with the sequester?

I'd say...he's a piker.


"...My question is why Obama a) waited so long, and b) gave so little."

I didn't see you bitching about Bush not giving his Presidential salary back when he fucked up the economy, and unlike Obama, Bush was directly responsible.

The only two presidents that gave up their entire salaries were Kennedy and Hoover.  Does Obama have a billion dollars like Kennedy?  Or $75 million like Hoover?  Hoover and Kennedy were super fucking rich compared to Obama, and you know that.  You're just doing your usual trolling.

Obama donated his entire $1.4 million peace prize money to charities.  Obama and his wife Michelle paid nearly $1.8 million in federal taxes on adjusted gross income of over $5.5 million in 2009, and gave $329,100 to charity.  Obama and wife Michelle also gave more to charity than they paid in federal taxes in the 2011 tax year.. of $789,674 the Obamas paid just over $162,000, a tax rate of 20.5%. They gave $172,130 to various charities, including the Fisher House Foundation, which provides support to military families. That's 42% of their income. Obama gives after-tax proceeds from his children's book to a scholarship fund for children of slain and disabled soldiers.  So he didn't "wait so long" and "give so little."

How many Democrat presidents donated large chunks of their money (or time) to charities in the past 50 years?  ALL OF THEM.  And not just tithes to churches.

More info:



So do please shut the fuck up, unless you build houses for the poor, or organize communities, or donate the equivalent of your salary.  And I'm not talking about that dollar you plunk in the church collection plate.