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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Global Warming, Rubio, Parodies!

And awayyy we go!

1. Offshore Accounts

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "Okay, so it's bad for Mitt Romney to have offshore accounts, but..."

Jack Lew always reported everything.  Romney did not. 

"Jack Lew paid all of his taxes and reported all of the income, gains and losses from the investment on his tax returns,” said Eric Schultz, a White House spokesman. “The existence of Mr. Lew’s investment is not news to the Senate. Mr. Lew disclosed the investment in his prior confirmations, before three separate committees. There are no new facts that provide a basis for senators to reach a different conclusion about Mr. Lew’s nomination than they reached twice before in this administration.”

Mr. Lew did not create, manage or operate the fund, officials said. Republican aides did not suggest any illegality or tax cheating with the disclosure.

Romney, on the other hand, failed to include more than 20 investment holdings on his federal financial disclosure reports. Of those, at least seven were in foreign countries.  The only reason the public knows about these things now, is that Romney, under duress, finally released his 2010 tax returns, which showed the existence of dozens of investments, many of which were never included on his state or federal disclosure forms.

THAT is the difference, Lindaman.  Transparency.  You know, the thing you keep squawking for?

2. Weather Is Climate!

Lindaman posts this picture:

Lindman also said a few weeks later: "First day of Spring...and we had light flurries this morning. DAMN this global warming!"

Yet again, right-wingers prove their ignorance.  They still don't know the difference between weather and climate. lol

Here's some more global warming stupidity from Lindaman (he never learns):

Lindaman said: "Out and out flaws... Like the whole carbon dioxide/global temperature 'connection' pushed as conclusive proof...only the temperatures rose BEFORE the carbon dioxide concentration rose."

Those early temperature changes were because of changes in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, which affects the amount of seasonal sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface. Sheesh!

So much for your "decades of research."

3. Piers Or Something!

Lindaman posts this picture:

Then Lindaman says: "And Piers is supposed to be SMARTER than we are?"

Funny, can't find that quote anywhere.  Except on an anti-Piers Facebook account.  How convenient.

But hey, here's a real quote!

Hmm. Hey, Lindaman... didn't you say that someone that claims a person can "self-deport" isn't worth listening to?  Why yes, yes you did!

The person you quoted (Piers Morgan), was saying it as a joke.  Romney wasn't saying it as a joke.  So why did you still endorse Romney instead of crucifying him?

Oh, that's right... because you're a desperate Republican.

4. At least it wasn't a politician!

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says:

"Two days in a row, Leftists get outwitted by a PARODY WEBSITE that clearly states what it is! And they're supposed to be smarter than we are?"

Then Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "And here's the story of another Leftist fooled by the same PARODY WEBSITE..."

How about a Republican Congressman getting fooled by a parody website?


How about a Republican Senate Minority Leader getting fooled by a parody website?


How about right-wing news website Breitbart.com getting fooled by a parody website?


How about Fox News getting fooled by a parody website?


Get back to us when the same happens on the other side. lol

And yes, liberals are smarter.  And yes, right-wingers are idiots.

But hey, that's really no surprise, since you yourself have been constantly fooled by right-wing sources for ages, Mr. "Scientists Are All In On A Big Conspiracy."

5. Dorner

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "Really?"

Yes, Lindaman.  Really.  Did you not read the other posts of those people?  A lot of them are also RIGHT-WINGERS.

Then Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says:

"Okay. Would a hero (as some people on the Left have tried to paint Dorner) do this?"

Uh, Lindaman... you just rewrote history.  Right-wingers are also painting Dorner as a hero.

But that's typical of Lindaman.  He's hoping people won't read.

Then Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "CNN...REALLY?"

Funny how the right-wing and totally non-racist Zombie Breitbart left out this quote from Hill in the same interview said about Dorner: "What he did was awful, killing innocent people. It was bad."

They were talking about the "social media weirdness" (direct quote from that interview) from people stating things like that.

Funny how right-wingers didn't say a word about this comment a right-winger made to Hill himself:

Next time, try actually viewing the clips? kthnxbye

Then Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman states:

"Actually ROOTING for the killing of police officers? REALLY?

With the recent history of the LAPD, I guess I shouldn't be shocked at the responses, but the past is the past. Let's deal with the present! If the LAPD is guilty of the things Dorner claims in his "manifesto," punish them. But their misdeeds don't justify Dorner's actions by any stretch of the imagination.

Police officers are people, too. They have families, friends, co-workers, people whose lives would be emptier without them. For all the crap they put up with (like the asshats rooting for Dorner to kill more law enforcement officers), they deserve at least basic human respect."

Dorner didn't vote for Obama but instead supported Huntsman, counted Bush as one of his favorite presidents, also supported Christie and said he was inspired by Colin Powell to pursue a career in the military.

People hate the LAPD and saw Dorner as an antihero delivering overdue comeuppance.  Some saw him as a Robin Hood like figure ready to take all of their grievances and stick it to the man. What he actually believed (pro authority, pro government, pro gun control) and what he did (murder innocent people, hijacking, taking hostages) is overshadowed by the fact he was attacking a symbol of oppression.

The sad fact is that we created this breed of law enforcement. We voted for it, we funded it, we authorized it and we failed to put proper checks and balances in place to control it. This abuse machine keeps growing and hires thousands of people like Dorner to put a boot on the necks of otherwise good citizens, but we continually fail to kick the bastards out.

So now people think we need someone to save us from our own monstrous pet.  Dorner fit the bill for some. A boogieman that makes cops run scared.  For others, he'll just be a justification for the cops needing grenade launchers and armed aircraft.

The people of LA should deal with the LAPD themselves though legal channels. That department needs a complete teardown.  But the public is too lazy to do it their own damn selves, so they cheered on someone they thought was helping the cause.

Of course that solved nothing. Dorner was out there for petty personal reasons and the cops were fine with blowing holes in innocent people to get at him.  Now the only things left are dead bodies, damaged property, and a bunch of questionable decisions that won't be justified to anyone's satisfaction.

Right-wingers are happy so long as the cops confine the majority of their thuggery to certain accepted targets: homeless people, 'criminal types', and minorities.

That's the crux of it, isn't it? The gun-fetishists talk about how they're going to use their guns to stop government from getting out of control... but then when it does, they sit on the sidelines masturbating instead.

6. Spending Problem?

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "First off, it IS a spending problem, no matter how you try to phrase it. Second, a "paying for problem"? Is that seriously the best phrasing you could come up with to avoid the issue?

No wonder we have the problems we do."

Obama is the smallest government spender since Eisenhower. Get over it.


7. Slavery's illegal, so STFU blacks!

Lindaman states:

"Look. I get the meme about how long it took for Mississippi to ratify the 13th Amendment. Cute. Of course, the point would be better made if Mississippi had had a slavery problem in the nearly 150 years after it was ratified...oh, wait. It DIDN'T.

Now, can we go back to more substantive subjects, like whether Marco Rubio drinking water on TV disqualifies him from the Senate?"

You can clam up about "substantive subjects" when you stop posting made-up bullshit like this poster, you  hypocrite.

We'll get to Lindaman's complaining about Rubio backlash in a second. lol

Now, about Mississippi: 

How about the fact that some people in Mississippi abstained from voting on the anti-slavery bill in 1995?  I bet you'll keep silent on that!

The reason they didn't ratify it before 1995 is because the racist right-wing fuckheads those guys like to elect would have voted it down before that. The reason it took an additional 18 years and a Steven Spielberg movie before they made it official is because of the fact that the average Mississippian can't read that well. Mississippi is "slow" in every sense of the word.

Ah, Mississippi.  A shining beacon of enlightenment and not at all a backwards, awful place largely composed of trailer parks and meth addicts. 

There's a reason people in other backwater states say "Well, at least we aren't Mississippi!"

STDs: http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/14,0,150.html

Obesity: http://articles.cnn.com/2009-07-01/health/obesity.rankings_1_percentage-of-obese-adults-obesity-rate-mississippi?_s=PM:HEALTH

Poverty: http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2011/ranks/rank34.html

Income: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_income

Education: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/11/state-education-rankings-_n_894528.html 

Defending the hick states and the not-so-subtle way right-wingers wave away slavery as no big deal is very telling.  "There's no slavery there now, so there's no racism anywhere, so you black guys should vote Republican!" Riggghht. 

Naturally you'd defend Mississippi, since they do things like this:


Mississippi is a stupid and backward state, like most red states.  Things like this delay in ratification just make people laugh.  The reason you right-wingers take the laughing seriously, is because it really stings you when the general public are reminded that you guys are represented by them.

8. Rubio Butthurt

Lindaman bawled his eyeballs out at all the people that laughed at Senator Marco Rubio because he gulped down water during his speech.

Lindaman even tried to make ridiculous comparisons along the lines of "Bill Clinton!  Maxine Waters! Rangel!  Why are you saying Rubio ended his career by drinking water on TV?"

This is why you can never be taken seriously, Lindaman.  You REALLY had to reach for that one.

Bill Clinton: Was not convicted of the impeachment dog-and-pony show, and was not disbarred.  The Republicans pissed away millions of taxpayer dollars trying to get rid of Clinton, but (as usual) couldn't get the job done... and it was all over something that should have been between him and his wife, not the justice department.

Maxine Waters: Was not charged of ethics violations, since she had nothing to do with the government's eventual decision to give OneUnited a $12 million bailout, and U.S. officials involved in the decision backed her up on that point. Ethics committee members ultimately agreed.

And you're just mad at Rangel because he was so rightfully critical of Bush's response to Katrina. lol

You right-wingers gleefully jacked off to THOUSANDS of soldiers deaths by having a war in the wrong place, but that was okay because Obama used fancy mustard.  Remember?

Are you right-wingers bitter because suddenly the right-wing crowd wants a nuanced discussion about the merits of a speech?  You know, the same crowd that felt that since Obama sometimes used a TelePrompter (like EVERY modern president) that meant he had to resign from office?

Obama was clearly enjoying the hell outta his own speech the same night Rubio did his.  Rubio was sweating bullets and looked uncomfortable, nervous and shaky.  Given that TV is a visual media, how you look and what you project through the medium is almost as important as what you say.  In that respect, Rubio did very badly indeed.  And when you add in the fact that the speech that wasn't very coherent... and it adds up to a total loss.

Actually, I think that awkward groping for the water was the only genuine, human thing found in the whole bumbling speech. 

After all, his mouth was pretty dry. lol:

The speech itself was what was worse. Absolutely nothing but awkward, stilted gestures and canned talking points.

All Rubio had to do was show up and give a somewhat coherent speech.  Instead, he wandered around with incoherent talking points and looked like he had a panic attack in the middle of his rambling incoherent word salad brain stroke of a speech.

We got an hour and a half of the President reaching out again, and showing how much he will do. And the Republicans yet again revealing they're just living in their own world.  Nothing in Rubio's 'rebuttal' had any impact outside of chugging water.
Right-wingers heads are exploding because Rubio gave his speech in English and Spanish. Of course what doesn't make their racist asses outraged these days?

His rebuttal was amateur hour; from the well-worn GOP talking points to the lame ass personal story to the cliches.

He was sweating like a high school kid giving a book report. He didn't prepare, and the awkward sip of water was pretty much just icing on the loser cake.

When Rubio went on The Daily Show and made a complete fool of himself, in spite of a more than fair hearing from Stewart, it was clear this guy is incapable of actually being the great hope for the GOP.

Sorry guys, try again.
I'm quite happy we're all making fun of Rubio, because it means Rand Paul and the Tea Party are fucking done. Not a word about those assclowns from that night. Sen. Paul could've come out in a Barney suit and done a hooker with a strap-on, and nobody would've cared.

But it's still very clear that Rubio ABSOLUTELY BLEW IT.

That's not even including the real reasons Rubio isn't worthy of being a grocery store manager, much less a Senator:

 Marco Rubio Calls For Non-Existent IRS Commissioner To Resign

This is the new GOP hotshot? Heh, okay.  Good luck with that.

Though it is funny he had no problems accepting a $10,000 subsidy from Obamacare. Bwahaha!!

But hey, maybe you posting more False Equivalence pictures can change your right-wing fantasies into reality!

9. It doesn't always work so it's wrong!

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman states:


Some semi-automatic weapons can indeed take out a plane or train, such as the Barrett M82:


It's very unlikely to work on a commercial jet, and it's not financially feasible for our military to try it on an enemy, but it can indeed happen.  Even gun experts (sheepishly) admit that.

It's not a convincing argument for gun control.  But this does show that Jackson knows better than you Facebookers.  lol

11. Real Math is Fuzzy!

Lindaman posts this photo:

Then Lindaman states: "Fuzzy math, Washington style..."

And here we have proof that Lindaman doesn't know what he's talking about and should never be taken seriously.

It's the deficit he cut by (over) $2 trillion.  Not the debt, the deficit.

And before you lie again: No, Obama never said he cut the "debt" by $2 trillion.  That implied Obama quote was pure fiction.

Again, Obama cut the deficit.

Understand now?  Do you?

As for the actual debt: The national debt came up to $17 trillion because the two illegal Bush wars were finally added on the books, instead of, ya know, not funding them properly.

How can anyone take a right-winger seriously when they don't understand the difference between the debt and the deficit?