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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

He's Rich AND He Cares?? WTF?

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Michael Moore once again shows his hypocrisy for being a capitalist while bashing the system.

A few days ago, Moore said this on CNN.


And then a few days later, Moore talked about Republicans...during a book signing where he was benefiting from the very system he bashed on CNN.


Apparently Moore wants to replace capitalism with...Moore capitalism.

Yet again, Lindaman: Why is someone who has issues with the modern day perversion of capitalism, not allowed to make money?  Does a person complaining about a broken toilet seat, only have the right to shit his pants?

Moore stated:

"This movement -- this movement in the next year or two or few years is going to create a democratic economic system. That's the most important thing. Whatever we come up with, it has to have at its core the American people are going to be the ones controlling this economy.

We're going to have a say, a big say, the say, in how this economy is run. That say cannot happen by the people in the penthouse offices on Wall Street. That is over. That is over. We have declared it over. Now it's just a matter of time until we actually make this happen, when we bring democracy, true democracy to this country."

Moore wants everyone to benefit with a truly democratic economy.  Not just himself.  This flabbergasts you, because Republicans only think about themselves.  They can't even conceive of a rich person actually giving a shit.

He wants a system where the top 1% isn't in control of politics and the economy.  A democratic system.  A system that can benefit others besides himself.  That's the point you keep missing.

Guess what, Lindaman: There are people out there who make money, and have enough common sense to see the flaws in our modern capitalist system.