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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Again? Really?

Thomas Lindaman links to an article on a right-wing site, Newsbusters, concerning Michael Moore giving a pep talk at Occupy Portland.

The Newsbusters site lies and says Michael Moore said the person's suggestion was "a good idea." He didn't.  He just repeated the person's question.

Oh noes!  Moore is a hypocrite because he doesn't respond to a troller!  Especially since he already responded to the same idiotic question a couple of days earlier:

"How can you claim to be for the poor when you are the opposite of poor?!" It's like asking: "You've never had sex with another man -- how can you be for gay marriage?!" I guess the same way that an all-male Congress voted to give women the vote, or scores of white people marched with Martin Luther Ling, Jr. (I can hear these righties yelling back through history: "Hey! You're not black! You're not being lynched! Why are you with the blacks?!"). It is precisely this disconnect that prevents Republicans from understanding why anyone would give of their time or money to help out those less fortunate. It is simply something their brain cannot process. "Kanye West makes millions! What's he doing at Occupy Wall Street?!" Exactly -- he's down there demanding that his taxes be raised. That, to a right-winger, is the definition of insanity. To everyone else, we are grateful that people like him stand up, even if and especially because it is against his own personal financial interest. It is specifically what that Bible those conservatives wave around demands of those who are well off.

Lindaman gives his post this headline: "This Is What A Hypocrite Looks Like!"

Hmmm... wait just a sec... here's a comment on the YouTube link (highlight is mine):

I knew it was too clever to be his own idea. Lindaman changed it a little to help disguise it.  What Lindaman doesn't understand, though, is that "hypocrisy" works and "hypocrite" doesn't.  Because "hypocrisy" rhymes with "democracy."  Thus, by Lindaman's disguising of the copying, he ruined the humor. lol

Also, this isn't the first time Lindaman's tried this weak tactic concerning Moore.  See here.  He has to do it again?

For the full raw footage of the pep talk, you can see it here and here.

Lindaman, I know you're mad because the protesters didn't fold up after the first weekend and because the movement is global now.  But really, this is the best you can do?