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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Oh, it's a PROTEST?"

Thomas Lindaman writes:


There are two words to describe Astroturf Wall Street's attempts to appear to be peaceful citizens just upset with business and government.

Epic Fail.

Epic Fail, eh? Well, you would know. Weeks after your post:

They ain't astroturfed, sorry. I know that won't soothe your butthurt, but you'll have to live with it.

Ah, Breitbart. Gotta love him. Dragging links into a list is such hard-hitting journalism!

Let's pick the top ten on that list, just as a sampler:

1. Oh noes! They didn't use the walkway after being told they could use the bridge! No violent action. So?
2. A lie. They never applied for a permit, so how can they be denied one? No verifiable sources for anything else in that report. Report was later pulled from the site because of that new information.
3. Article was updated when it was discovered that the flyer was from a Teabagger. lol
4. Where's the police reports?
5. No evidence he was a protester.
6. Uh-oh, got a little too close! Definitely baton time!
7. "Alleges" - Where's the evidence?
8. BODY PAINT? SEX?!? No wonder right-wingers are pissed!
9. The flasher stated he was GOING to attend on his Facebook (left out of that article). That's how they caught him. It's a crowded public event, that's why he went there. Flashers like that kind of environment. So?
10. Ayatollah Khamenei likes the protest. So? Osama Bin Laden endorsed John McCain. Does that mean Bin Laden was a Republican?

Guess I'm sold!

Hey, I can copy/paste list links, too!



So now you're not going to endorse Republicans ever again, right? I'll make sure to point this out, the next time you endorse one.

Now, back to reality:

This is a protest, not a Teabagger rally. A protest is not a rally. Get it? That time you went to that Teabagger day camp and sat around for an hour, and patted yourself on the back afterward, isn't what's going on here.

You right-wingers are pathetic. The Teabaggers helped to entrench money in politics by creating a sponsored rally where civil unrest was effectively co-opted by big money and corporations. But they're the heroes, because they were supposedly neat and tidy and didn't step over any lines or upset any schedules. That's because the Teabagger rallies were mostly like corporate picnics, planned events at public parks inhabited by confused old folks. And all it did was downgrade America's credit rating. "Don't actually rock the boat, whatever you do!"

The Teabaggers are made up of old white guys standing up for the status quo. Let's ignore the attempts to use ricin on American civilians, or the attempts to cut a Congressman's power lines, or the vandalism when bricks were thrown through offices. Teabaggers are just cowardly and half-assed in their attempts.

On top of that, when you constantly raid the peaceful protests of OWS with hundreds of cops in full riot gear with tear gas, and pepper spraying people that are just sitting, and having entire buses ready to haul people off to jail, etc, you are going to escalate the situation.

If people actually break the law, those people should be arrested. Using anecdotal application is the oldest play in the book to shut protests down. Look at the civil rights movement, most people just wanted to make a statement, of course some people are going to be angry and disruptive. The same thing happened there, the local governments used the few that bit back as a catalyst to undermine things. If this kind of thing is supported, then every single attempt at peaceful revolution will escalate into violent revolution because the government is not honoring the first and most basic constitutional right to assemble, giving those trying to be heard no other option.

The Teabaggers screwed around with the debt ceiling, lowering the nation's credit rating and threatening a default that would have crashed the global economy. OWS has had some anarchists and asses commit crimes at camps. The Teabaggers have pushed for killing worker benefits and protections, killing living wages, killing regulations that save lives, and have pushed for deep cuts in programs that feed the hungry, keep poor people in cold climates from freezing in their homes, and provide medical care that saves lives.

Yeah, I know which one is trashing a park, and which one is trashing the country.

You're such a closet authoritarian that it's gone beyond pathetic.

Which is why only 11% of people support the Teabaggers.

Right-wing retards aren't just defending Mother Corporation for the sake of their jobs. They are actually angry at OWS people for having the audacity to speak out against corporate influence on government. Right-wingers in the 99% took their assigned beating by the 1%, watched their purchasing power slip away, had their pensions stolen and their lives ruined, all because they figured that was simply the way it was. They frame it in their own minds as "paying their dues" - they've been beaten, broken, and reset, and they're proud of the damage they've managed to endure.

Now these young punks are speaking out about how wrong that all is, and it makes them look like suckers for having gone along with it. Suddenly they find themselves in a position where they either have to admit they've been duped this entire time, or they have to double down and ferociously defend the system that's been stealing from them. In a way, OWS threatens their position by re-framing their "bootstrappy success" as corporate serfdom. And guess what? They're doing the latter, because they're still idiots.

"Some people at OWS rocked the boat, therefore corporate influence on government is a-okay!"

Hey, Lindaman: They're still protesting.