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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"I Am The Three Percent!" *CHOKE*

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Remember when the Leftist doppelganger of yours truly got on my case for denying global warming because I didn't use "climate scientists" to back up my claims?


And the headline?

Choke on it.

Okay, this is going to be fun!  Let's break this into categories for my response.  Point by point.


First: In reference to Lindaman saying "Choke on it."  Hey, Lindaman, remember the last time you said that?  It was just a few hours after I said "Bite it" to you.  Thus further showing your originality.  But what's funniest, is that your "Choke on it" comment was in reference to a source that you were hoping would prove your claim that Media Matters isn't legit: Because Andy Martin, a proven Anti-Semite, tried and failed to sue Media Matters because they posted Anti-Semitic comments that Andy Martin clearly stated. I just find it amusing that you're using the term "Choke on it" again, after failing so HARD the last time you tried it.  lol

But let's have some fun with the word "Choke."  Do you know what a synonym of "Choke" is?  Well, one of them is "Shut up."  For the rest of this post, when I use the term "Choke," that synonym is what I will mean.  So, keep that in mind.  Just wanted to make that clear before you start dragging in dictionary links of "Choke" like you did for "Debunk" while having no idea what you were talking about.

Lindaman apparently has the memory of a deadhead and forgot why I took him to task so hard regarding climatologists.  It's because he posted this on December 9th, 2009:

Lindaman blatantly lies here.  Every single link he provided in the previous post he's referring to, didn't have a single goddamn climatologist as a source. Since I, as usual, have to do the research for Lindaman, I provided a list of every single source that Lindaman used.  Not just in that previous post, but in every post he made regarding global climate change.  Then I asked him point blank where the climatologists were that he claimed he was using.

Do you know what Lindaman said in response when this lie was pointed out to him?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zero.

Lindaman... choked.

And he will continue to choke on that fact.  Lindaman will never admit that he blatantly lied (as usual).

2. Finding The Holy Grail

And since that time until just now, Lindaman still never provided a climatologist.  Now, nearly two years later, Lindaman finally provides a climatologist after reading the link's headline on a freeper site.  He clicked the link, then dragged it into his blog without even reading it.  He put the headline in big capital letters, too.  He must have peed his pants with joy, thinking he found the Holy Grail.

Lindaman, I have stated over and over again that 97% of working climatologists worldwide know manmade global climate change is a fact.  That means... guess what?  That 3% are skeptical.  People with common sense and knowledge of math must know some skeptical climatologists exist.  If you have been frantically searching for two years to find a real climatologist that's also a skeptic, all you had to do was ask me, and I would've been happy to provide a few to you.  I know you hate doing research, and climatologist skeptics are as rare as black people at a Teabagger rally.  That's why Republicans break out the champagne when they stumble across one. lol

Now, onto the article itself...

3. The Article

The headline in the article says "Global Warming Is Over, Says Expert." 

But guess what?  That's not what was actually said.  The person the article is referring to, is Judith Curry. 

Curry is referring to the review done by skeptic/physicist Richard Muller, who after creating BEST (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature) review, and partially funded by the right-wing Koch Brothers in an attempt to prove global warming is a sham... Muller almost exactly duplicated the consensus on climate change. In the process, Muller’s gone from a self-proclaimed climate skeptic... to a believer.  He clearly stated, with no waffling, that "Global warming is real".  More on the research can be found here.

So, did Judith Curry, who (very minimally) was a part of the review, actually say "Global Warming Is Over"?


(I can use big fonts, too!)

What she actually said was: “There is no scientific basis for saying that global warming hasn’t stopped."

There's a big difference there, Lindaman.  She's merely saying that Muller's study isn't good enough evidence.  Which is fine!  Do you know why it's fine, Lindaman?  Because we don't need Muller's study.  It merely confirms what we already know.

So, how does Curry herself feel about the link you provided?  Well, she stated right there on her own blog that she was misrepresented on several quotes by the article's writer, David Rose.

This is no big surprise to the scientific community, as David Rose has a history of misquoting scientists.

I don't blame Curry one bit for asking people to be wary.  The research is only for land temperature, and it's only for a ten year span.  That's not enough to state something is a fact.  As far as her personal feelings on the warming trend, she doesn't provide any scientific evidence to support her statements.  Fortunately, others have.  When Curry was provided with questions regarding this scientific evidence, she... choked.  I guess the simple conspiracy got to her!

But don't despair, Lindaman.  Maybe two years from now, you can provide another bombshell. Make it in an even bigger font, because maybe that will somehow overwrite the rest of the scientific community.  hehe

Oh, by the way, if providing a climatologist is so important to you now, why don't you believe the other 97%?  Could it just maybe be because the cranks fit your preconceived narrative, regardless of the actual science? lol

Note: Lindaman will still pretend he didn't lie in his post about providing climatologists as sources... he will continue to choke.   Wait and (not) see.