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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cain... done? Sadly, yes.

NOTE: Updated with new information!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Still Want to Say Herman Cain Is Done?


The Left has been trying to portray Herman Cain as a sexual predator, but it's backfired in a big way. Cain hasn't lost much support, has seen a spike in contributions since the initial allegations of his sexual activities went public, and we keep finding inconsistencies in the accounts of the accusers.

So far, Cain is having the last laugh. Having said that, we have not heard all of the allegations from all of the women. There may be more substantive charges in the wings, but the problem the accusers face now is the environment created by those who have already come forward and been scrutinized. Even possibly legitimate claims will be cast through the prism of the claims that have been found less than honest, which means they may not be believed at first, if at all.

And the Leftists in the media will be left with a henhouse full of egg on their faces.

Why are you endorsing a Republican? I showed you website links with "rap sheets" that show Republicans molest children and are planning insurrection. According to you, showing a website with "rap sheet" links pasted into them is good enough for reality. So why are you endorsing a Republican, Mr. Independent (tm)?

Weiner tweets dirty pictures (with no harrassment whatsoever), the media (including The Daily Show) plays the so-called "scandal" all over the place, and Lindaman says "The media's not digging deep enough wahrgarble!"

Meanwhile, Cain's had two accusers paid off, one witnessed by others, one complained to friends contemporaneously with the incident. And Cain's hired gun has yet to challenge anyone! Meanwhile, Cain accuses the Perry campaign of smearing him, and the media is treating Cain very gently... and what does Lindaman say? Why, of course! He predictably says the "leftist media" is being mean to Cain. lol

Lindaman's link is from CBS. CBS? But what about Dan Rather, Lindaman? Remember, you claimed "CBS" made a false estimate about Beck's rally numbers (when it was actually AirPhotosLive and the only professional crowd estimator that was hired by anybody). So now you think CBS is legit? lol

All kidding aside, the poll was never representative:


There's far better reasons why Cain would be a disastrous president. He stated wouldn't allow any Muslims to serve at high levels of government. He wants a tax plan that comes from a computer game (SimCity). He didn't know that China has had nukes for 40+ years. He didn't know the difference between defined benefits vs. a defined contribution plan. Cain's obvious ignorance on those issues had nothing to do with anybody other than Herman Cain's own statements.

But regardless of all this, I had hoped Lindaman was correct in this case! Cain... done? I sure hoped not! None of the people on "teh left" hoped he was through. I would've put a Cain bumper sticker on my car, if it would mean Cain would win the nomination!

Because if Cain wins the nomination, it's absolutely guaranteed that Obama will win reelection. You can bank on that.


The fact that Lindaman thinks the Dems were trying to get rid of him, just further proves how out of touch with politics he actually is. lol

But, sadly... Cain has suspended his bid. So much for who has the last laugh, and egg on their face. lol