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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Anarchists, Protesters... What's The Difference?"

Thomas Lindaman writes:

It Depends on What Your Definition of "Peaceful" Is...

Bill Clinton is still better than anything you Republicans created since Eisenhower. lol


Glenn who?

After weeks of the media portraying Occupy Wall Street as a peaceful group, with the advent of thefts, sexual assaults, and now rioting, that line may not be as easy to buy anymore.

And it's showing in public opinion. Recently, polling data showed 37% of Americans surveyed supported OWS. Within the past couple of days, that number has dropped to 30%.

Depends on the poll, doesn't it? Here's a more recent poll that has different numbers.

"This poll of OWS is different than that poll, therefore corporate influence on government is a-okay!"

Might that have something to do with the Guy Fawkes mask being ripped off OWS to expose a group who is not above violence to make their points known? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

How did you know they were Guy Fawkes masks? Wow, you actually watched "V for Vendetta"? Usually you recommend shitty movies like "The Goods".

(Want to bet he didn't know what the masks were until he read about it on a right-wing website?)

If they were wearing masks, they were not OWS, they were Black Bloc Anarchists. When Occupy Oakland closed the port, they did so peacefully and then peacefully went home. Then the anarchists came out at 2am and did their violence, and of course the media conflated them with Occupy Oakland.

You may have been able to figure that out, but that would've required you to actually watch "V for Vendetta".

But you didn't, so you claim it was the protesters themselves. After all, Glenn Beck said so. Since Beck personally checked their OWS memberships cards. lol

"Anarchists did violence after the fact, therefore corporate influence on government is a-okay!"

Even so, the media will be out front acting like Kevin Bacon from "Animal House."


Ah, yes. Pretend the media blackout didn't happen.

Hey, Lindaman: They're still protesting.