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Monday, April 2, 2012

Almost Fooled Us!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

With the Trayvon Martin shooting still in our minds, we're starting to hear a lot of people (mostly on the Left) saying George Zimmerman is guilty.

Guilty of what?

They say it's clear Zimmerman killed Martin and all the evidence points to it.

Uh... Zimmerman DID kill Martin. Zimmerman admits it.

(Quick, Lindaman! Redo the post so it says "murder"! lol)

This knowledge makes them angry at the police department for being incompetent.

There was incompetence. The police never impounded Zimmerman's vehicle. They never screened Zimmerman for alcohol or drugs. They had Trayvon's cell phone and never checked it for contacts (such as Trayvon's girlfriend). No charges after Zimmerman claims Trayvon ran from him, then claims he got out of his vehicle, and Trayvon jumped him (?!?).

After all, they were able to piece together the facts, so the police needs to do something to bring justice to Martin's family.

Fine. Then, go arrest Zimmerman and throw him in jail.

Ah, there's the rub. See, it's one thing to rant and rave about the case, but it's another to act on those words. If Zimmerman is guilty, it would be considered a felony, which introduced the lovely and talented concept of a citizen's arrest.

Thomas Lindaman: The global warming scientist and... lawyer!

If those who think Zimmerman is guilty really have conviction and courage, they would be booking flights to Florida, rounding up a posse, and busting Zimmerman where he lives.

Of course, they don't have courage and conviction, just a lot of noise.

Kind of hard to bust Zimmerman where he lives, since he's in hiding. Good to see you're still not researching the very subjects you post about. lol

Not to mention that if you make a citizen's arrest in Florida, you have to turn the suspect over to... the police. Zimmerman was already in police custody, and released. So what good would a citizen's arrest do?

I'm willing to wait for the evidence to come out before I judge Zimmerman's guilt or innocence, and if he is guilty, I'm all in favor of punishing Zimmerman to the fullest extent of the law. That's right, folks. I'm waiting for the facts to come in before jumping to conclusions. We've seen justice undone by assuming someone is guilty before the facts come out (i.e. Richard Jewell, the Duke Lacrosse Team),


Oh, wait... they were all cleared. So much for that.

and we're making the same mistakes again. Justice cannot be done with so many people making up their minds on part of the evidence.


Let me get this straight... YOU, of all people, are going to wait for evidence before jumping to conclusions? Now I see why you posted this on April Fool's Day. You (almost) fooled us.

What evidence did you have for stating Obama's citizenship is questionable?

When you get evidence that doesn't support your suppositions, you just throw it out. Even if the evidence is so overwhelming it's undeniable (re: AGW).

Zimmerman brought this onto himself when he continued to stalk Trayvon against the advice of the police. Neighborhood Watch is supposed to contact the police, and the police are supposed to take control of the situation.

But don't worry, right-wingers, the only person that can tell Trayvon's side of the story... is dead. Dead, for fighting a stalker while being armed with Skittles. But Trayvon being dead, isn't going to stop people from saying they feel Zimmerman should have been at least charged. That does not mean people do not want him to be able to defend himself in front of a Grand Jury.

But some of the people out there think they already know all the evidence.

No, they don't. They're not like you.

You guys are good at altering the public's perception on the case, however.

For those in this category, I have five words for you.

Man up or shut up.

We all know the real feelings behind the right-wingers on this situation. Real manly of you!