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Monday, April 16, 2012

Answer: Nobody!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Guess Who?
See if you can guess who this individual is.

Lindaman gives it away at the end of the post.  So I'll just say it now.  He claims it's Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  The actual answer is: Nobody, since Lindaman is making up fictional straw(wo)men again.

This individual has...

* allowed a staff member to post anti-Semitic statements, while this individual is Jewish

She didn't "allow" it.  It was an old Facebook post.  And how can a Jewish staff member be anti-Semitic? lol

* spoken at great length about the "Republican war against women" while being a guest on a noted misogynist's talk show

Bill Maher isn't a misogynist, liar.  He's a comedian that calls a spade a spade.  So?

* came out for more civility in politics after the Gabby Giffords shooting, but is known for saying outrageous and untrue things about people on the opposite side of the political aisle

Such as?

* talks at great length about the importance of buying American cars, but drives foreign cars exclusively

Her family does have, among other cars, an Infiniti.  So?  If the American auto industry went under, Americans would have no choice but be dependent on foreign cars. Her comments weren't about what kind of car a person chooses to own, it's about the Obama Administration giving loans to American businesses like General Motors, and how Republicans opposed that.  To right-wingers like Lindaman, owning one foreign car is the same as Republicans opposing stabilizing an entire American industry.  Sheesh!  More manufactured GOP poutrage.  Next we'll see them trashing Obama's "un-Americanism" for eating a taco.

* blamed the President for high gas prices then said we shouldn't "politicize gas prices"

Again, context matters.  Funny how the right-wing websites never post this part of the same speech she made:

"What we are doing in the Democratic Caucus and as we continue to fight to move this country in a new direction is we are working on an energy package that we will bring to the floor by July 4, an energy independence package that will ensure that we can crack down on price gouging, like the legislation that we passed off this floor yesterday, that we can really start to respond to the oil cartel and make sure that they are pursued for the antitrust violations that they engage in, and that we really invest in alternative energy.

The President's remarks during the State of the Union last year were just words. When he referenced his desire to see America end our addiction to foreign oil, nice words, but no action to speak of. Nothing that I can see in any policy is reflective of the words that we heard in this Chamber during that State of the Union. We, on the other hand, are going to make a difference."

In February, when asked about this speech.  She stated:

“What I was referring to in that speech, as I have for many years, is that focusing on fossil fuels and continuing the ‘drill baby drill’ strategy that President Obama rightly referred to the other day in south Florida as ‘a bumper sticker, not an energy policy,’ is not the way to go,” Schultz replied. “We are not going to address gas prices over the long-term because there is — there is no President in the short-term that can really change policy and impact gas prices in a significant way. But what we do need to do is over the short-term and long-term make sure that we are using the ‘all of the above’ strategy that President Obama has employed: more domestic energy production than we’ve had in eight years, making sure that we invest for the future in alternative energy like wind and solar and hydroelectric power, so that we can really start to impact our need to depend on…”

Here's what she said very recently on the gas price issue:

CROWLEY: Let me ask you about gas prices now, over $4 a gallon on average. We all know that when gas prices go up, consumers spend less, and companies tend to hire fewer people simply because their overhead has gone up. Do you worry that these gas prices, should they stay here will inflict some damage on what I think you still admit is a fairly weak recovery?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, as a representative of my constituents, I worry anytime there is an impact on their wallet and on their bottom line. And obviously higher gas prices does that. But that's why I'm really glad to see President Obama focused on an all of the above energy strategy.  Because, you know, previously under the Bush administration, and what the Republicans now under Mitt Romney want to continue, is a "drill, baby, drill" strategy, which is not a strategy, it's a bumper sticker. And it's also sticking our heads in the sand that we're going to be able to continue to rely on our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels for eternity when we know that those are finite. And so we've got to -- while we have the most domestic production that we've had, you know, ever, we also need to focus on investing in biofuels and alternative energy sources like wind and solar so for my children and my constituents' children, we can have an abundant source of energy that's renewable for years to come.

Seems pretty consistent to me.  You may not agree with her, and that's fine.  But where has she been inconsistent?

Also, when did she say we shouldn't politicize gas prices?  I can't find a source for that.

* agreed to a speech before a hate group, only to pull out at the last minute after attention was brought to the story

"There was a miscommunication, she is not speaking to the organization. We never agreed to do a fundraiser, nor this event," Wasserman Schultz spokesman Jonathan Beeton told Sunshine State News.

But hey, there was a flyer, so we must take the "Muslim hate group" at their word!  Right, Republicans?  Certainly you guys aren't party before country or anything...
And even if, in an alternate dimension, she actually did pull out, isn't it awful that someone chose not to speak at a hate group? 

Who in the world could be this two-faced, despicable, and devoid of even some semblance of honor?

Bush happily killed thousands of people based on proven lies, but this is the real villain, folks.

If you guessed DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you'd be right.

You forgot to insult her perm!