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Sunday, April 8, 2012

"I Took Them to Task! Really!"

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Snappy Answers to Leftist Cowards about the Trayvon Martin Shooting

Ironic that Lindaman has to ape Al Jaffee from MAD magazine, since Lindaman is himself a parody (he's just not aware of it).

The longer the Trayvon Martin situation gets covered, the more Leftists (like the other blogger who talks smack about the number of people who respond to my posts when he's too much of a coward to allow people to post to his blog)

ROFL, you wouldn't even be dealing with this if you didn't repeatedly back down from a face-to-face, and still backing down eight years later.  That's hilarious.

My goal here is different from yours.  I know you are reading this, and that's all that matters to me.  If others read this, it's just a bonus.

Your goal, is to be the next Rush Limbaugh.  You want everyone to listen to you.  Don't even try to deny that.

Originally, you wanted to be a journalist and had stars in your eyes.  But you just weren't good enough, and failed.  So, like the bootstrappy Conservative you are, you gave up.  You wound up working as a mortgage lender. 

Then you went into AOL's chat room and started your right-wing lying hate rants (brought about by your redneck upbringing that irreparably fucked up your brain).  Other right-wingers in the chat room were saying "Hell yee-ah!" and cheering on your hate and lies.  Surprised by suddenly getting some attention for the first time in your life, you thought "Hey, maybe I can be a right-wing pundit!"  Since Rush Limbaugh is also fat, ugly and talentless... you thought YOU could do it too!

What you didn't understand, Lindaman, is that right-wingers in chat rooms love to circle-jerk.  They'll cheer anybody that gives them confirmation bias.  And now that AOL chat rooms have gone the way of the dodo, you can't even get decent confirmation bias back from the racists in The Podium.

But I digress.  Anyway, after the ray of hope you saw by a bunch of racists cheering you in a chatroom, you mistakenly thought you could be Rush Limbaugh. 

So you tried giving speeches, but nobody would pay to listen to you.  So you wasted your time and money with Toastmasters in the hopes you could improve your speaking ability.  But that also didn't work.  It wouldn't have mattered even if you did improve, because Rush got his job in that bootstrappy Conservative way... he had a father that owned a radio station. 

You also tried writing articles for various right-wing shill websites (which to this day still look like they were designed in 1993).  But again, nobody would pay you.  So you did it for free.  And still, nobody cared.

And they still don't care.  That, Lindaman, is why I point out that hardly anyone comments on your posts.  Because you spend hour after hour talking about how [insert the name of a person who isn't to the right of Hitler] isn't a leader.  Or how [insert name of group that isn't to the right of the SS], who actually are making a difference in this world, are "accomplishing nothing."

Because not only are you yourself accomplishing nothing, you are nothing. 

Sure, once in a blue moon, somebody will stumble onto a post, leave one comment, then never post again.  But that's hardly what your goal is, is it?  You'd be better off just ranting on Facebook, at least your family members would leave multiple comments.

And yet again, I have to post this:

You got the offer ages ago.  You still haven't complied.  Which means you are going to continue to lie your ass off, then duck when you're called out.  You want your lies hidden (which is why you don't link back, and why you want to lie in comment boxes).  I want your lying exposed, in full-on posts.  Sorry, you don't get to create the rules... because since you won't hold yourself accountable, you haven't earned that right.  I own you, not the other way around. 

So here you are.  The valiant mini-Limbaugh rants continue from you. 

Years of wasting time. 

Years of spending money. 

And in the end... you are no closer to your goal.  You've just become fatter, uglier (on the outside and the inside), more delusional, still a virgin, and a bigger asshole than ever. 

And I will always remind you of those facts, as long as you continue to trash people who don't deserve it, and continue to lie.  That is my goal.  And I achieved it the day you first acknowledged you read these posts.

start getting impatient with the length of time it's taken to arrest George Zimmerman. Yet, since I've started taking them to task, they've come up with all sorts of excuses why they don't act on what they claim is an open-and-shut case.

Let me treat you to a few of them and provide you with my responses to them.

Notice how Lindaman isn't specifying who these Leftists are.  Aside from me, of course.  So I'll just cover what Lindaman and I said.

The police should arrest Zimmerman. You mean the same police your side says screwed up the investigation?

What I said was: "...if you make a citizen's arrest in Florida, you have to turn the suspect over to... the police. Zimmerman was already in police custody, and released. So what good would a citizen's arrest do?"

Regardless, what kind of idiot logic are you using, Lindaman?  You're saying because some people didn't like what the police did, they now can't use the police?

I guess in Lindaman's world, we shouldn't criticize the police if we ever hope to call the police.  Can't even criticize these guys.

The police should have called for a grand jury. One tiny problem: the police didn't determine a crime had been committed. For a grand jury to be convened, there had to be a crime. And, no, that's not based on your opinion.

A grand jury is being convened.  Do you admit there's a crime now?

(I'm not actually saying there's a crime, but Lindaman himself is, since apparently in Lindamanland, a grand jury = crime.)

Zimmerman is in hiding. In today's society, going into hiding is a difficult proposition. And with the media firestorm your side created, it's made even more difficult because everybody and their grandmother knows what Zimmerman looks like. Besides, aren't you Leftists supposed to be so smart? Surely people of your intellect can find one guy.

Ignoring the ludicrous strawman that he created, Lindaman actually said to go to where Zimmerman lives.  If he's in hiding, he's not there. 

Jesus, Lindaman, why do you lie so much?

I'm not in Florida. They have these things called "airplanes" that will take you where you want to go for a certain amount of money. If you can't afford a flight, load up your Prius or your VW van and drive down there.

"Because people who want to defend Trayvon are faggy hippies!"

Lindaman's an expert on mobile travel, since he has to drive even if he's going just one block down the street, because he'd keel over in a wheezing mess if he tried to walk more than that.  He's a few short years away from this.

... [signifying utter silence]. I see. You make statements you refuse to back up with action.

Statements you made up.  I don't see you "taking people to task" anywhere else, so how can these things be their "response statements"? 

You're just making shit up again.  Which is funny, since a couple of posts ago, you falsely accused Sandra Fluke of doing that.  lol

I'm sure you can link to some people saying various things (it's a big world, after all), but show me where you "took them to task."

Guess which one is the most common response from the cowardly Leftists.

Says the guy that backs down.  You are quite the manly tough guy. lol