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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Because Al Sharpton, That's Why!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

No Comment, Leftists?

"Ooo!  Ooo!  Pick me!  Pick me!"

My first comment is more of a question: Who is Beck? lol

The rest of the comments will focus on the cases in that link:

The first case:

Gee, wonder why the suspect would claim to the police (after the fact), that he was distraught over the Trayvon case?  Couldn't possibly have some ulterior motive, could he?  Nah...

Regardless, when he was found he was immediately arrested and charged.  Well, that settles that.

The Owens case:

Owens yelled racial slurs, and ran to a neighbor's house pulling out butcher knives when he snapped at the kids. His own white neighbor said he probably did as much to instigate the incident.  But I'm sure that mob attacked Owens because he was a perfect gentleman to the kids.  They just wanted... justice for Trayvon?!?

But hey, Owens sister said she overheard one of the assailants mention Trayvon after the fact!  Funny, no other witness can corroborate that story, according to police.  Hmmm... and the police said: "The Trayvon Martin case definitely was not the motivating factor." Hmm...

Did he deserve a mob attack?  Hell no.  But maybe Owens should have done what Zimmerman should have done... let the police handle the kids.  Don't go screaming slurs while waving knives. Sheesh!

Regardless, when the suspects are found, will they be arrested arrested and charged?  If not, then you'll be able to open your yapper.  In fact, one's already been arrested and immediately was charged... so much for that.

The gasoline dousing case:

Nothing in that article says anything about Trayvon. 

Regardless, when the suspects are found, will they be arrested and charged?  If not, once again, then you'll be able to open your yapper.

I guarantee you, the other suspects will be immediately arrested and charged when they're caught.

If Zimmerman was arrested and charged to begin with, it wouldn't have left the local news, and you wouldn't be dealing with this now.

Earlier this month, two white guys shot five black people (killing three) in Oklahoma. The shooter had made racial comments. And guess what?  There wasn't an uproar!  Do you know why? Because the authorities actively investigated the case, and made arrests (just like in these cases).

Getting the point yet, rightards?  Nah, they never will.  To them, Trayvon deserved what he got,  because... Al Sharpton.