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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fighting the Tide(s)

NOTE: Updated with new information!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Last year's hot cultural fad was Astroturf Wall Street.

But Lindaman, I thought they were just a one weekend thing, when nobody was there?

The media fawned over them like Media Matters fawns over George Soros.

Just as a reminder: Lindaman claimed Media Matters "loops back" on itself to prove things.  Then when Lindaman was asked to prove his claim, he couldn't.  He also claimed Media Matters lies, then when asked how, he provided a link to anti-Semite Andy Martin. lol

They seemed to reach across the country and around the world.

Even in Des Moines, Iowa.


Now, there isn't much coverage of Astroturf Wall Street.

There was coverage to begin with?

Not even the fawning media seem to care about those brave men and women standing up against corporate greed (while using items created by the very "greed" they're against) and representing the 99% who are mad that 1% of the population has so much wealth (but can't seem to get away from using Apple products, with one of the higher profit margins in industry today).

Yet again, Lindaman proves he doesn't know the difference between economic injustice in corrupted capitalism, and... simple commerce.  Big shock there!

Did Apple do this?  Or this?

This is why Lindaman will never understand.  Not that he's biased, since the company that did these things is... Wells Fargo.

And what's more, they're bad with the money they DO have. Seems Astroturf Wall Street is...running out of money!

But Lindaman!  It's totally astroturfed with a gazillionares paying for everything!  They can't run out of money!

Oh noes!  OWS is going to be gone by the end of the month!  Wait... that article was from March...

Gosh! Who didn't see THAT coming? I mean aside from the Leftist piece of monkey crap

BURN!!  lol

Lindaman's trying to cover up the fact that he first started using "monkey" in posts relating to blacks, by slipping it in this post.  Won't work. Too late!

Reminds me of that SNL sketch, with Satan talking to his underlings:

Satan: You monkey warts! You... you maggot monkeys! I will slice open your monkey bellies, and your blood will spill from your monkey bowels!

Underling 1: You know what occurred to me? Just think how empty that sentence would have been without the word "monkey".

Satan: What?!

Underling 2: Easy, big fellow!

Satan: Big fellow?! You dare address me as anything but Lord of Evil, or, at the very least, Master of Darkness?!

Underling 1: Or, how about, Lover of the Word "Monkey"?

who said Astroturf Wall Street was "just getting warmed up" and "likely to be even bigger than last year."

Lindaman, not being the sharpest tool in the shed, didn't understand the multiple meanings in "Just getting warmed up."

First, it was a reference to the fact that Lindaman was also lying about Global Warming in that particular post.

Also, it was in reference to the Spring Awakening of Occupy Wall Street, which we'll cover in a minute.

But not to worry! Guess who's bailing out Astroturf Wall Street? Why it's Corporate America! The same Corporate America these bozos are protesting AGAINST!

Yet again, Lindaman is clueless.  It's about economic injustice.


The General Assembly, the group’s open legislature, voted en masse to decline a donation from music mogul Russell Simmons, who wanted a hand in helping the protest shape demands (spawning a rumor that he’d asked the protest to endorse an album in exchange for $20,000).

Maybe the Leftist moron can explain away this doctored photo...by the "big" Astroturf Wall Street...

ROFL! That picture was from back in October!

Where does AdBusters say that picture is real, Lindaman?  Since AdBusters is behind everything, remember? 

Oh, it was just some troller.  Sorry, it isn't like when Glenn Beck lied about his numbers. lol

That trolling picture was pointed out to be fake by "leftist" websites, in fact.  Bwahahaha!

These pictures are real, taken at around the same time. 

Here's another.

Here's another, in Denver of all places.

And one more just for fun.

Maybe you can "explain away" those. lol

Or maybe he'd like to explain how a group that was supposedly so strong is needing a comeback...

Because the weather's warmer now, Lindaman.  Time to regroup!

So you seem to think altering strategy is a sign of failure?  Well, you'll be pretty sad about this then. hehe

Maybe they can get money from George Soros...but he's not funding Astroturf Wall Street... except the Tides Foundation (the same Tides Foundation funded by George Soros' Open Society Institute) gave trust money to Adbusters...the Canadian group who was responsible for starting up Astroturf Wall Street. So, in other words...Soros funded Astroturf Wall Street.

Lindaman was hoping to pull a "Six Degrees of Separation" way to connect Soros to OWS.  "He donated money to this Tides Foundation, and they gave money to a magazine, and that magazine came up with the idea of OWS.  And even though the magazine doesn't control OWS, that doesn't matter.  Thus, Soros controls OWS!"

But Lindaman, as usual, didn't do any real research.  And it bites him again.

The Tides Foundation isn't a "General Fund" pot. It's what's known as a "pass through" fund.  Do you know what even means, Lindaman?  Probably not, because you're always so damned clueless (and unlike you, I have proven my assertion that you're clueless).

A "pass through" fund, means the Tides Foundation a donor directed fund. That means the donor gets to decide where his money goes.

And guess what?  None of Soros's Tides Foundation money went to AdBusters.  What part of "Our grants to Tides were for other purposes." do you not understand, Lindaman?  Can you not read?

Both Soros, and Kalle Lasn (founder of AdBusters) have made it very clear that not one penny of AdBusters' money came from Soros.  Directly or even indirectly.  Hell, Lasn has no bones about saying they would love to have some Soros money. And Soros has no problem saying he likes many of OWS's ideas.  So they aren't even trying to distance themselves!

George Soros has never, ever, directed any of his money to AdBusters. In fact, he had never even heard of it at that time. The $27,000 that was last donated by Soros to the Tides Foundation (years before OWS was even an idea BTW), sure didn't go to AdBusters.

Now, for the millionth time, Lindaman... where is your evidence that any of Soros's money went to AdBusters? 

You're making the assertion, Lindaman... so the burden of proof is on you to present evidence to support the claim.

Lindaman has absolutely nothing to support his assertions, and yet he still believes them.  That's, my friends, is why he's a Republican.

Lindaman's just mad because it's an easily proven fact that the Teabaggers were astroturfed, with direct ties through right-wingers like Dick Armey, and supported by Fox News.

So, when is Soros going to spring for the OWS luxury tour bus? lol

Soros did, however, donate to Amnesty International.  Which you never will, because... you're a bad person.

Of course, the Leftist piece of monkey crap won't tell the truth about that...or anything else for that matter.

Still waiting for you to back up that assertion, Lindaman.  I've already backed up my assertion that you're lying.

Hell, I'm still waiting for you to back up your assertion of "pimp-slapping."  You've had nearly a month, and you're still backing down from that.

Now, onto your assertion that OWS is dead.  First, let's check out things before the Spring Awakening (which was when Lindaman's post was made, totally not timed by Lindaman on purpose, of course):

April 24th:

Thousands protesting GE meeting in Detroit on April 25th:

Boston, in April:

Those are just the pre warm-up!

Here's the actual warming up, May Day!


And New York:

And before you accuse people of doctoring photos, here's video:

Look at all that deadness! lol

Even if, in some alternate universe, OWS died back in November, it will never change the fact that it was still bigger than anything the Teabaggers did. 

The Teabaggers didn't give a flying fuck about taxes or big government until January 20th, 2009. That's just their excuse for their reactionary butthurt to the black guy that just got elected.

Hell, their stupid name alone outs them as the hypocritical, mouth-breathing troglodytes that they are. They're "Taxed Enough Already" at a time when a) Taxes are lower than in ages and b) They gleefully vote to extend tax cuts for the uber-rich so that the budget can be balanced on their own backs. If that wasn't enough, their own bullshit slogans out them for the morons that they are .   "Fix old no new"? Really?  "Keep government out of my Medicare"  For fuck's sake?

Yes, the Tea Party is the last gasp of a retarded group on the outs, but damn if they're not the embarrassment of the nation.  The entire world's in solidarity with OWS.  The entire world is LAUGHING at the Teabaggers.  But hey, keeping posting your soundbite, and keep posting those rap sheets, because that ain't going to stop OWS.

Occupy Wall Street infuriates Lindaman, because they're still not astroturfed, and they're still around in droves. 

And Lindaman's soundbite still fails, because nobody is listening.  Weeks after your post:

Lindaman, if Occupy Wall Street is a has-been,  then you're a never-was. lol