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Sunday, April 29, 2012

You Fluked Up

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Remember Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified before Congress about contraception and women's health issues using a bunch of anonymous sources

And that it was irrelevant if they were anonymous, since it's a proven fact that it can cost over $90 a month?

and the research arm of Planned Parenthood?

Using public data from the National Survey of Family Growth that hasn't been disputed?

Well, she's back, thanks to the Daily Beast announcing her engagement to her boyfriend.

In a bad attempt at humor, Fox News' Monica Crowley tweeted "To a man?" As you might expect, the Left came out an attacked Crowley as hateful and homophobic. (Although I'm not quite sure how asking a legitimate question in today's society where gays and lesbians get engaged all the time would be homophobia, but I digress.)

Because it wasn't a "legitimate question", you liar.  Crowley posted it as a joke, as proven by her comment afterward about how "the left" can't take a joke.  Then after that, she backpedaled by claiming it was a straightforward statement.  Too late, Crowley.  You already tried the "It was only a joke" excuse.

The only way that tweet would be considered a joke, is if one thinks there's something funny about being gay.  She was simply trying to make the old joke that women who are smart and stand up for women's rights are dykes. It was meant to be snarky and demeaning.

It was only a joke up until someone questioned it as a joke, then she claimed it was a "serious inquiry" to take the heat off.

And of course, Lindaman sticks up for the homophobe.

Monica Crowley. Another in a long line of barren spinsters and bitter, unwed shrews on the right.... squawking about family values.

Jealousy is an ugly human emotion, Ms. Crowley. It does not look good on a desperate right wing woman in her 40's.

Hmm... alone and in her 40's?  Sound familiar?  No wonder Lindaman is defending her, no matter what vile things she says.

And, surprise surprise, the Left used Fluke again to further the message that fell flat the first time it was trotted out. First, she appeared on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" (which, by the way, is hosted by a man with  an astounding record of misogyny)


to squeeze out just a little bit more of her 15 minutes of fame by being asked to respond to Crowley's tweet. Then, predictably, Huffington Post ran with the story reporting on Fluke's "Ed Show" appearance.

Maybe it's me, but this smells like another set-up using Fluke as the trailing horse. Fluke's testimony has been discredited by many people, myself included,

And you didn't back it up with jack shit, you wannabe.

and she was quickly becoming a forgotten entity except to the Left. With the Daily Beast posting the announcement of Fluke's engagements, it was as though they were trolling for someone on the right to comment. With Crowley's tweet, they got what they wanted, which allowed Fluke to be brought back in by the Left as a "victim of the Republican war on women."

Maybe you guys shouldn't be flaming racists, homophobes, and achingly bitter toward facts about women.

Because, as we've seen, it was so successful the first time they tried it against Rush Limbaugh.

So basically, with that link, you're illustrating that Conservatives like to listen to someone who calls people sluts for no reason?

In that article, Rush Limbaugh, who spent several days lying his fat ass off about Sandra Fluke, claims his ratings are up, and the article you linked to provides no evidence to support his claims.

Rush lost over 35% of his audience in the past year, and he is no longer #1 in his time slot in all but two major metropolitan areas.

But it's better to just go by what Limbaugh says.  After all, he claims he has 20 million listeners... and hasn't budged from that number since 1993. lol

The audience that responds to his vulgarities is not an audience that attracts advertisers.  There probably was a spike in ratings, since there was fresh controversy due to Rush's cowardly comments, but what good are ratings if you lose advertisers?  He is trying to save face. He lost major sponsorships from tons of big, successful companies. Ratings dont mean a thing if you can't sell ads.  And even the ones that stayed with Clear Channel are asking not to be aired during his program.  If you think that isn't important, you need to talk to Glenn Whatshisname (who was saying "my ratings are great!" before he got canned, too).  Oh, wait, Rush also claimed he lost less than 5 advertisers. I guess Lindaman thinks Clear Channel is a non-profit organization now.  lol

Oh, Rush... such an honest man with integrity oozing from every pore, why would anyone doubt you?  JUSTICE FOR LIMBAUGH!

(By the way, to my Leftist counterpart, that was sarcasm. I figured I'd better explain it to you before you wrote another lame blog post about me.)

And yet again, Lindaman has to explain the joke.  Yet again proving Conservatives have no idea what humor is.

Speaking of Limbaugh, he took the bait again by talking about Fluke in connection with one of Fluke's tweets that echoed the sentiments of President Obama regarding student loan debt. There is some merit to Limbaugh's comments about Fluke and the Obama White House working together.

Backed up by nothing. lol

However, he made the same mistake Crowley did by letting Fluke back into the public spotlight.

At this point, it's clear the Left will keep using Fluke whenever they need to for whatever they deem necessary to paint the Right as anti-woman. Of course, in doing so, the Left shows just how anti-woman they truly are.

The left is anti-women because we sit back and let you guys blatantly make anti-women comments and make anti-women legislation?  Perish the thought!

In closing I have two pieces of advice to give. To the Left, keep trotting out Fluke. It will only remind us how silly she and you look.

Backed up by nothing (as usual).

To the Right, ignore Fluke. She is a one-trick pony, and the trick isn't very good.

Except pointing out the obvious: That the right-wingers have the typical Conservative mindset of a pecking order.  Whites are above blacks, the rich are above the poor, straights are above gays, Christianity is above all other religions, and men are above women. 

People being equal?  That's leftist and Communist.

By all means, keep showing the world how you're bad people, by defending homophobic comments.