Jon Stewart Rips Right-Wingers A New One

    When Unarmed Blacks Are Killed By Cops

    No Wrongdoing With Benghazi

    Right-Wingers Fuel Racism And Paranoia

Monday, April 9, 2012


Thomas Lindaman writes:


For any of you still thinking the reaction to the Trayvon Martin shooting is about justice really need to t listen to the audio from the New Black Panther Party conference call. These jerks are on
your side, and your
silence will embolden them to take action.

And guess who they'll be coming after sooner or later. That's right. White Leftists who they have used to get to this point. See, the New Black Panther Party looks at things the same way you do: through a racial prism. The only difference? They're not cowards. They
will act on what they say, and nothing you can say or do will stop them from running roughshod over you.

I can already hear you white Leftists cowards saying, "But they don't represent me! I just want justice for Trayvon Martin!" Too bad. You created this environment for the New Black Panther Party to fester. And now, you're reaping the rewards of that, including having the Neo-Nazis show up.

Now, before you get too defensive, let me tell you I don't want the Neo-Nazis anywhere near this situation for the same reason I don't want the New Black Panthers involved: their presence doesn't help. What will help is for people to stand up to both the Neo-Nazis and the New Black Panther Party and tell them to get the hell out of the way. That includes you, too, Reverends Jackson and Sharpton.

And that includes all you pieces of Leftist monkey crap that enabled them, too.

You all say "Justice delayed is justice denied." Just what kind of justice is getting done by the actions of the New Black Panther Party or the Neo-Nazis?

None, that's what.

First, they're not Neo-Nazis.  They're "a civil rights group" according to Fox News affiliates. lol

You know how leftists are reacting to it?  They don't give a shit.

Two insignificant hate groups are trying to get attention by exploiting the situation.  What else is new?

The difference is that you guys are taking a lunatic fringe (who were denounced by the real Black Panther Party) and elevating them to the level of gods.

People wouldn't even know who these nutballs were if you right-wingers weren't shining spotlights on them to distract from the fact a person with Skittles got shot by a stalker.

"Never mind that a guy shot someone after stalking him!  See these scary black people?!?  They're coming for us all!"

The NBPP should be paying you right-wingers for the grandiose publicity. 

By elevating them the way you are, you are enabling them, just like you do with terrorists.  You think these people are as powerful as Magneto.

But again, you're just parroting Limbaugh.

Here's leftist cowardice.

Here's right-wing bravery.

Right-wingers are shivering in fear of the awesome power of... a handful of nuts.

But the left are the cowards. lol

I apologize profusely that "the left" isn't frightened of them the way you guys are.

P.S.: Anyone find it amusing that during a rant about scary black people, Lindaman slipped "monkey" into his post?  Deliberate, or Freudian slip?