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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nice Try!

Thomas Lindaman, who has absolutely nothing better to do on a SATURDAY NIGHT because he's a goddamned loser, wrote this:

When Obama Worshippers Get Caught Lying...

The instant you right-wingers use terms like "Obamassiah" and "Obama Worshippers" it automatically exposes yourselves as the dumbest fucks on the internet. Again, you guys have to create religion-based terms to justify your own REAL LIFE religious delusions. But you know what? Even if there WAS an "Obama Worshipper" out there... at least Obama EXISTS. Unlike your admitted messiah, who is proven to have never existed.

Because my Leftist counterpart is scared of letting people comment directly to his blog because they'd pound his arguments into nothingness,

"People"? "They"? It's just YOU. And I always link directly back to you. Unlike you. And there's a reason why you don't. Pounding arguments into nothingness? Kind of like how you claimed that I said "generic scientists" when I said "climatologists"? And when I pointed this out, you said it AGAIN? Or when you claimed you used climatologists as sources (proven wrong)? Still waiting on a response to those. Do that and you'll get your comment box. And you can't pretend you didn't read them, since you IMMEDIATELY stopped directly responding when all those "AGW is a fraud!" charts were proven bogus. You should be thanking me for the free publicity. Stop pretending other people read your blog. That's as pathetic as a person paying a company to let himself give speeches. Hell, even if you DID have readers, they can comment about this blog on your blog, as I always update and respond to them, too. So they can "pound arguments" all they like. But the only times you can get someone to even comment on YOUR blog, is when you have to beg for help. And even then, it has to be in an AOL chatroom where your people say "Obamanigger" every five minutes. But hey, birds of a feather.

By my forcing them to comment on YOUR blog, you don't have the power to beg the chatroom inbreds to spam "sand nigger" and "Obamanigger" and "birth certificate" and "Why isn't Obama doing anything about North Korea bombing the oil rig?" and "There were gerbils at Manatus Manor!" 15,000 times. And you lost the privilege of playing the Scared Card when you backed down after being called out.

I can't post this bit of information about how the Obama Administration didn't react quickly enough to the Gulf Coast oil spill. So, I'll do it here. http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2010/05/obamas-katrina-illustrated-timeline.html A tip of the hat to Doug Ross for compiling it. Now, to my Leftist counterpart who claimed the Administration acted "on hour one," don't you feel stupid for not digging into the facts?

Facts? Looks like your idea of facts are similar to the ones that claim Europe is the globe. Doug Ross of the Director Blue blog is a right-wing shill. I could have SWORN you stated in previous posts that partisan sources were not allowed. Remember that? I asked about that contradiction before, and you didn't respond to that either. You know what happens when you use a right-wing blog as a source? Information is conveniently left out. For example, Ross doesn't point out who helped the initial evacuation and was leading the rescue effort. Hmm... I wonder why?

The Ross blog also completely left out a few other things in that timeline, too. I'm sure they were just "oversights." Here's just a few random ones:

White House advisor David Axelrod: "[W]e had the Coast Guard on the scene almost immediately after this accident, the deputy secretary of the Interior was on the ground the next day, and we've been coordinating closely with the local authorities and with the responsible party, BP, down there to deal with this from the very beginning."

And remember: BP stated the outflow wasn't bad, and it was private property. And yet, action was STILL swiftly taken.

Oh, by the way, Obama is supposed to be down in the Gulf tomorrow. From April 20 to May 2 is 12 days, counting the actual day the spill began. By comparison, George W. Bush waited a whole five days before heading to Katrina (August 29, when Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, to September 2, when Bush actually visited). Gee. Bush made it down to New Orleans in less than half the time it's taken Obama to make it to the Gulf Coast, and some would lead us to believe Obama acted "on hour one"?

Oh, THAT is what you mean by "taking action"? A really good photo op?

By the way, at the time that the above Bush picture was taken... I wondered just how many fragments of American citizens Bush was stomping on to get that photo-op. You know, I don't recall any "real Conservatives" blogging about that. Hmm...

You actually think people gave Bush flak on Katrina because he wasn't personally picking people up in a helicopter? And you think Obama isn't an effective leader because he wasn't at the oil rig giving a speech with a sponge in his hand? Is that infamous Photoshop of the Bushes fishing in flooded Louisiana sticking in your craw? "Damn that Obama, he uses every tragedy as an opportunity to grandstand! Oh, he's not? Well, uh.... where's his public appearance?"

Read the Congressional Report on Katrina, then you'll understand the ACTUAL reasons.

You see, unlike Katrina, the people in charge of handling the rescue operations didn't sit around twiddling its thumbs for days while thousands died. If Obama not giving a speech is your reasoning (since apparently you think that would've stopped the leak, but he's OUR messiah), then explain to me why you blamed Obama for waiting three days to give a speech on the Underwear Bomber, but didn't say a word about Bush waiting a week to give a speech on the Shoe Bomber. Still awaiting a response on THAT one, too. It's obvious that the Conservatives simply don't know what a competent response to a disaster would look like. But, to be fair, competence in government isn't what they pride themselves on. The response by the Obama administration has been more than appropriate given the facts that were known at the time the oil spill began. The Coast Guard immediately helped in the evacuations, they've tried using robots to shut the valve, they've sent planes to bombard the slick with dispersants, they tried burning, everything. And AFTER all that, we find out that BP under reported how bad the leak was. The Bush Administration, instead of mobilizing everyone and anyone starting on Saturday afternoon, planning for a Category Five storm to hit the Gulf Coast somewhere, waited until the storm actually hit and there was known serious damage before they acted.

The Obama Administration acted immediately. Then when they found out it was even worse than what BP was reporting, they (again) reacted properly. I'm still asking, in all honesty, what more could he have done? However, with all their lying aside, I DO like how the Conservatives refer to it as Obama's "Katrina." I love when they use a Bush issue as the standard of failure. Oh, how desperately they WANT our guy to suck as badly as their guy sucked. Indicative, isn't it? It's also nice to see "small government Conservatives" admitting that private industry is incapable of managing themselves and require immediate government intervention. There have been ZERO Obama Katrinas because he hasn't sat with his thumb up his ass during any of these disasters.

Obama also appointed people who had experience to do the jobs for these departments, not a motherfucking horse judge (that simple fact alone makes Obama a better leader). But all you right-wingers seem to care about are speeches. And if Obama does give a speech, you guys will make sure to count the words!

And Obama better watch out for Doug Ross if in his speech, Obama mentions those dirty wetbacks.

Sorry, Obama wasn't slow to respond in any form or capacity. He sure reacted faster than the right-wing bloggers, didn't he? Took you guys days to come up with a new Anti-Obama soundbite as you ignored the initial explosion and rescue efforts. No matter how many times you try to lie, you can't get around the fact that they immediately dispatched federal officials and the Coast Guard to work on the response to the spill.

Blaming Obama is simply not going to stick with anyone outside of the rabid right who blame him for everything anyway.

You right-wingers are just becoming more and more insane. I can't wait to see what you guys say NEXT week.