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Monday, December 7, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth...Period

Right-Wing Blogger Thomas Lindaman claims that RealClimate.org can't be used as a source, because Michael Mann is one of the contributors to RealClimate.org.

Never mind that I used another link besides RealClimate.org.

Lindaman then states that Mann, who created the "hockey stick" graph, is discredited because the graph was "debunked." But there's one problem with that declaration:

The hockey stick graph hasn't been "debunked."

Obviously, the contributors to THAT link must be in on the conspiracy, too.

Lindaman states Mann was mentioned by name in the email chain circulating in the blogosphere and the media showing how some prominent AGW proponents fudged the numbers. Except there's no evidence that they "fudged the numbers." Lindaman then states that as a result of this (?), Penn State is starting an investigation into Dr. Mann's assertions and his actions to not only suppress opposing viewpoints, but advance false scientific data. Except there's no evidence that he suppressed opposing viewpoints or advanced false scientific data.

That being said: Good! I'm glad they're having an inquiry. And when this inquiry reveals no wrongdoing (United States National Academy of Sciences certainly had no problems with his data, but I guess they're in on the conspiracy, too?), does ANYONE out there think that's going to stop the right-wingers? Not bloody likely.

Lindaman: Your "source" features "proof" that AGW is real...written in part by the man who has been discredited and is being investigated for lying about AGW.

Mann hasn't been discredited, and an inquiry is irrelevant. What I'm waiting for is the hard data showing how AGW has been faked. But let's remove that one contributor. Does that mean climate scientists like Gavin Schmidt, Stefan Rahmstorf, Rasmus Benestad, Caspar Ammann, Ray Bradley, William Connolley, Eric Steig, and Amy Clement are all in on the conspiracy, too?

Isn't that like using a Media Matters "report" to "debunk" Climategate?

You mean the reports that you couldn't refute? Okay, here's a couple more information links:

I guess that author is in on the conspiracy, too?