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Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Not Murder When WE Do It!

Thomas Lindaman tackles the abortion issues regarding the Senate health care reform bill.

Getting a tumor removed is also considered an "elective" procedure, did you know that? You already pick up the tab for any woman getting an abortion under your private health insurance plan. Let me repeat that: YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR ABORTIONS. Just like you're already paying for someone else's healthcare, albeit in the least cost-effective way possible. Nice work, "fiscal conservatives."

Too bad the RNC itself covered abortions in their own health care policies:

You can cut the "abortion is murder" rhetoric now. Your own actions in the RNC makes it completely clear that the RNC does not believe their own lies. If they really believed it was murder, they would have done everything they could to get healthcare coverage that doesn't cover it, because nothing would've been more important than getting the policy changed. It was a low priority, so they really didn't care. So much for that. Besides, if they really believed it was murder, they would have done something about it when they were in complete control back in 2001 through 2006. Anybody who thinks the GOP has any real interest in reversing Roe vs Wade is fooling themselves. It's a useful little issue to get all the religious fruitcakes to vote for their candidates come election season. They feed 'em the same rhetoric year in and year out, and the rubes fall for it every time. What's funniest about this, is that if men were the ones who got pregnant, abortion wouldn't even be a controversial issue. It would've be specifically condoned in the bible, and one could have instant abortions from vending machines. A woman scrapes a few cells off her uterus wall - so what. The mother is the host, the zygote is parasitic and feeding off of her. The host has the choice to have it removed. It's like being compelled to donate a kidney - you're negatively impacting your own health for the sake of another. We don't force people to donate kidneys, so we shouldn't force women to donate their wombs. Mother's health is at risk with pregnancy and thus reserves the right to remove herself from that harm at any time. If the zygote dies, so be it. If you want to make artificial wombs and take the zygote out and raise it, go for it, no one will stop you. The pregnancy is terminated during the most popular abortion process because it is the safest and least risky method. That's the only reason.

And that, my right-wing religious nutjob friends, is why you were unable to make abortion illegal when you had all those years of republican-controlled executive, legislative, and judiciary branches. It's a non-issue. Abortion will never be illegal for the same reason that self-defense will never be illegal. Whine and bleat all you want. Your impotent rage soothes and pleases me. This is a religious issue, and should have NO PLACE in government affairs. The very thing the "conservatives" keep preaching but not practicing. They think Magic Jesus blesses clumps of cells with a "soul". They just change the wording from "soul" to "potential human life" to avoid looking even more stupid (and failing).

The Conservative hypocrites want to make the choice for the woman and force her to carry and birth a child. Until they stand there and state that they are against the death penalty and for universal heath care for all, regardless of ability to pay, they can clam up with their "pro-life" bullshit. Note these "pro-life" types (and the hicks they manage to convince to go along with them) often have no sympathy for unwanted kids AFTER they are born. Those kids could live in poverty, shuffled from foster home to foster home and have a miserable existence but they don't give a crap out them. Not one bit. Not to mention that most anti-abortion groups are also comprised of the same people who oppose access to birth control and family planning. It would be fantastic if there were no unwanted pregnancies - if birth control had a 100% success rate and people made sure to use it, if rape and incest didn't exist. But we don't live in that world. No woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term against her will and the means to ABORT should be legal, safe, and readily available. Women who have abortions are taxpayers, too. So are women who get abortions in the United States. Termination of pregnancies is perfectly legal. Why should their interests be excluded from the public good just because someone else doesn't like it? I don't like funding a bloated worldwide military-industrial complex, but I pay my taxes anyway.

As Jon Stewart said: "It's taxes! You don't get to choose what you pay for. You go to the zoo and admission is $20; you can't say, 'Here's $18.50, I don't care for zebras.'" Hey, at least I credit Jon Stewart when I use his jokes. Waterboarding is an "elective" procedure that I didn't want my taxes paying for, yet here we are.

You guys are just lying. You don't care about the "baybees". You're just trying to stall health care reform.

Funny how those same right-wingers who were saying: "The government should not interfere with the doctor and patient so government should not be involved in healthcare". Are now the ones saying: "The government has power to completely say what the doctor can or can not do, even if the procedure is legal."

You guys are UNBELIEVABLY full of shit.