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Sunday, December 20, 2009

One May Smiley And Be A Villain

The United States, China, India, South Africa, and Brazil have all agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions and allow for independent entities to review these countries' plans and accomplishments. Also, we have committed to cap global temperature increases to 2 degrees! And all it takes from us is support of a global fund to the tune of $100 billion! Of course, we don't know all the details of the deal yet because there are some details to hammer out, but isn't it great that we've made such important progress

For those interested in the costs, it ended up costing about 20% of what even the EPA thought it would. It's not often a government program does that. Apparently a 2 degree cap isn't significant to Republicans? Do you really want to get into a conversation about how big an impact even 2 degrees can make?

For one thing, no matter how much we limit greenhouse gases, we can't overcome nature. Man's contribution to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is less than one percent. That leaves a whopping 99%-plus that we can't control, which includes volcanic eruptions. Unless Obama has a way to make volcanoes control their greenhouse gas output, our impact is going to be minuscule at best.

Sigh. Let's go through this again:

You may think that our contribution doesn't matter. But when you're adding to the mix, it makes an impact.

Then, there's the global temperature cap. We can't even predict the weather five days from now with any degree of accuracy. What makes these folks think we can control the planet's temperatures?

Weather is not climate! It's literally impossible to reverse this level of retardation, isn't it? No matter how many times it's diligently explained that a weather event has nothing to do with climate, no matter how many times the actual science is discussed and the premises described in detail, this shit is as close to understanding the issue as the average American is capable? What, precisely, is the issue that has people this confused? Is it the fact that both weather and climate both happen outside? Is that it? Somebody help me out here.

And here's the trick. It's frightfully easy for the AGW cultists to "prove" that their efforts are working Adopt the science of those who have shown the planet has been cooling since 1998.

At the heart of the Left's environmental science is blatant dishonesty. (See the Climategate emails and the Left's attempts to spin or deny them for proof.)

Too bad you deniers can't seem to provide any evidence of dishonesty in those emails.

That's why you won't specifically reference them besides soundbites like "Hide the decline."

It would be easy to delay the release of the temperature calculations to coincide with any kind of plan they cook up in Copenhagen. All it takes is a little time, and the AGW cultists will believe that the Copenhagen agreement has impacted the planet (all without proof, of course).

Since when has proof made ANY difference to you deniers?