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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rape, Murder, Arson, and Rape

Franken's amendment was promoted as being "anti-rape", but it's actually more anti-contract. If you sign a contract that says you must agree to do X to be considered for employment and you sign it, it is expected that you abide by the terms of the contract. It's unfortunate that a woman was raped by one of the private contractors hired by the government, as rape is a serious matter. To have Franken use it as a partisan cudgel in this case, especially to hide the fact that the amendment would make it legal to ignore the terms of a legally-binding contract, is nothing short of disgusting. Then again, Franken did make a rape joke on "Saturday Night Live" in 1995, so maybe it's not out of character for him.

The amendment was for banning federal contracts from being awarded to companies who require their employees to use their firms arbitration process - rather than the courts - for workplace discrimination claims. That's it. How can Republicans be against that? Using arbitration rather than courts is what's "disgusting."

And yep, Franken helped with a skit on SNL about Andy Rooney raping the cast of 60 Minutes. This is quite damning. Because fictional parody skits about rape, completely counteracts passing amendments that can actually help stop real-life rapes. Got it.

In the advent of the ClimateGate scandal, Senator Barbara Boxer has stated that she wants to launch a criminal investigation into the people who allegedly hacked the email account of the University of East Anglia that started the ClimateGate scandal in earnest.

So hacking into and stealing private emails is just an "alleged" crime, now? In order for the emails to be lawfully in the possession of the self-described "hackers", it would have to be with the permission of the institution and/or the originators and/or receivers of the email. Considering the institution that represents the originators and/or receivers of these emails deny this is the case, it would seem to most people a pretty cut and dried case of THEFT.

Boxer needs to learn her geography and legal limitations. The victims of the alleged crime are in England. The source of the leak is in Russia. I'm no Senator or law enforcement officer, but I'm pretty sure the U. S. Senate doesn't matter to England or Russia.

So because elements were not from this country, there should be no investigation? How convenient. So much for right-wingers being tough on crime.

And all to cover up the implications of ClimateGate.

Too bad there was nothing to cover up.

Another funny bit from that blog entry:

Given how poorly the Obama Administration has treated Israel

Why? Because he doesn't kiss their ass the way you bible-thumping hypocrites do?

Bush: "Israel, could you pretty-please stop bombing?"

Sharon: "Fuck off."

Bush: "Yes, sir."

Israelis and Palestinians should recognize each others' right to have a separate state, period.