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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Party Of No... Maturity

I'm sorry, did you forget the town halls of this summer? Have you not seen the right-wing congresspeople standing up on the floor of the senate and saying that Obama wants seniors to die? Did you miss the Joe Wilson stunt? The conservatives act like two year olds. It's incredibly immature behavior. Hysterics about fictional Death Panels and abortion sex clinics in public schools. Panic attacks over white slavery and FEMA camps. Claims that Obama wants to murder the elderly. Politicians who think they deserve to be taken seriously while they blatantly lie to the public. How would you describe this behavior?

Using fear tactics to rouse the stupid into an irate frenzy is manipulative and wrong. So, there's the spectrum of conservative behavior; it runs from childish to... pathetically immature. But speaking of childish mentalities, that's one of the ways the Right gets these people to support them. They appeal to grade school mentalities toward the smart kids. So we get "east coast liberal elitist" rhetoric and rampant distrust of scientific (ie "egghead") fact. "Never mind what those highly educated people say. What do they know? Everything would be fine if only a bunch of reg'lar folks like us ran the government!" Not to mention covering your ears and going "Lalalala" when scientific facts get in the way of your fairy tale fantasies. The Right, in their usual twisted 2 year old mentality, see health care as a privilege, and something only earned by making enough money to pay for it in the private market. Rational people understand that it's a basic human right; one that as a civilized society we have a duty to provide to ourselves and those less in need.

The Right equates healthcare to iPods, when it's better equated to a military. Both are things that a strong nation HAS to have, and has to tax its citizens to provide. If Obama's plan is so terrible, where is the GOP plan? What will the GOP do to stop people from dying from lack of health care? Besides medical lawsuit caps, of course. The usual Conservative corporate anarchy solution. The facts clearly show that Conservatives simply don't give a damn. The Right hasn't proposed a solution in decades. And in spite of your projecting bullshit, Democrats have been trying since Truman. Fact: The right-wingers killed health care reform under Clinton Fact: The right-wingers didn't touch health care reform under Bush Fact: The right-wingers are doing everything they can to kill health care reform under Obama. How many people do you think died because of a lack of health insurance, or from denied claims since 1994? How many will continue to die each year? So yeah, I'd say the facts show that the Right is content to allow people to die in the streets. "It's your fault because you didn't crawl to an Emergency Room and die, or join a church! Damn those Lucky Duckies!"

The GOP has been completely undermined and destroyed by these selfish, childish, petty little hate mongers. And now they have to project yet again and pretend it's the Democrats that are the immature ones. When you guys on the right stop trying to teach Creationism in schools, stop wearing band-aids to ridicule veterans, and stop thinking that making faces and winking at the camera is "winning" a debate, then you can talk about maturity. With health care reform, Republicans had a chance to be mature and work with the Democrats and get a bill they liked better, or they could be babies and stonewall. So what did the Right do? They chose to be babies (as usual) and now the Republicans will get nothing.

You had your chance with the Wyden Bennett bill, which would have allowed heath insurance companies to operate nationally and the hopes that increased private sector competition would drive down prices (snicker). But of course, rather than fight for reform based on some retarded and silly private sector solution, the Republicans behaved in their usual way: Like little children "whining, crying, kicking, screaming", as well as squealing "NO!" about eating their vegetables, and now you're going to bed without supper. It won't be perfect, but it'll be better than the big pile of nothing the GOP has provided for ages.