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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Repetition: Better Than Facts!

How to correct a lie? Repeat it! Which is what Thomas Lindaman does here:

Since the Leftist blogger who hates me and yet links back to just about everything I write complained about my posters, which he claims are "sloppy lying demotivational posters," I decided to address his concerns. Enjoy this one, Mr. Leftist Blogger.

So addressing concerns is simply making the same mistakes over and over again? Yep, that's Conservatism.

Poster's cute. Too bad Gore didn't actually fail. Just saying someone fails doesn't mean they did. His credibility wasn't destroyed, by the internet or by bloggers or anyone or anything else. Funny how you had to hedge your bets on the "took the initiative in creating" part. You see, there was an urban legend that Al Gore stated he "invented the internet." Right-wingers ran with it. Turns out he didn't actually say that. He stated that while in Congress, he took the initiative in creating the internet. And the father of the internet himself agrees. But right-wingers never let whisper campaigns stop just because it's been disproven.

When Obama released his birth certificate, that didn't stop them from insisting he didn't release his birth certificate. They just said the birth certificate he did release was a fake. Same thing here. Just put quote marks around it and hope people will remember the old urban legend. The only difference is that they can't use the fake quote, since it would be too easy to just link to here: http://www.snopes.com/quotes/internet.asp

If this country was nothing but right-wingers, this is about how far along our internet technology would be today:

By the way, Thomas Lindaman stole that Gore joke in his shitty poster, from Jon Stewart.