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Monday, May 10, 2010

Adminstration Officials Don't Count, Except When They Aren't There

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Leftist Coward Watch - Day 3

Comments Since Day 1:

Times You Were Called Out To Fight Face-To-Face - 7

Times You Were Warned This Would Happen - 7

Times You Backed Down - 7

You had your chance! ":-) :-) :-)"

Yes, once again, my Leftist blogger counterpart who hates me, but relies on me for the vast majority of his posts still refuses to allow you good readers

"Readers"? Well, I guess you and I are plural and thus would count as "readers."

the opportunity to respond to him directly on his blog. I guess when you're afraid of other people's better-informed opinions,

Yeah, because one would be so much better informed getting their information on things like AGW from right-wing bloggers instead of climatologists.

You were also very well informed about liberals being silent about Obama's joke on predator drones. Happening to overlook one of the most well-known liberal pundits was purely an oversight, I'm sure.

you're forced to be a one-person echo chamber to keep your ego intact.

Well, you definitely must not have much of an ego to yet again rip me off (Bubble Echo Chamber!). Sheesh, at least your "faux liberal" catchphrase was your OWN. Say whatever you want, because your fictional readers don't even know who you're talking about! Since you don't link back like I do. I have no problem letting people see EXACTLY what you say. lol

Either that, or he's hiding from the latest bit of news about the Gulf Coast oil spill. Seems that Obama's own Department of the Interior chief of staff Tom Strickland was found taking his wife whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon while the oil spill spread. Granted, the Administration said the trip was "work-focused" and who can doubt them? After all, we're all aware of the terrible oil spills that have occurred in the Grand Canyon since...well, never. But it's not like his department is responsible for the upkeep of our natural resources, right? Oh, wait, it is... Anyway, it's nice to know that Mr. Strickland's hands were on deck, just as Janet Napoletano said...

Yeah, cause she said "Strickland" by name. Nice try, Karl Rove.

One 3rd level official wasn't at the spill, was still working on official business due to a conference, and was in constant contact. Being on a raft was necessary anyway given what he had to do there.

And even then, you DO know that the Secretary of the Interior and the Deputy Secretary were focused on the oil slick and the Deputy was in New Orleans, right? You seem to think the entire Department of Interior personnel has to stop all OTHER activity and move to the scene of one incident. So who gets to mind the store for the entire remainder of the country?

Tell me this: How does the absence of the Interior Secretary's Chief Of Staff hinder any of the Department's solutions to the spill? I know you right-wingers think technology is the devil, but you do realize that when a person is not on location, they can still see and hear what's going on, right? Are you guys mad because it was at the Grand Canyon, where the DOI has jurisdiction? Would you be this pissed if it was at a Marriot? When it became clear that the spill was worse than what BP was claiming, he was taken to the spill anyway. So again, what's your point?

Oh, and another thing: According to you, if Obama isn't there himself, then it doesn't matter who else is there. So why should you right-wingers care anyway?

Yet again, you try to have it both ways. Ya can't, sorry.