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Monday, May 17, 2010

You Don't Lead Because You Call Them Out!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Leftist Coward Watch - Day 12

Comments Since Day 1:

With all apologies to the songwriter, nothing could be finer than to mock a Leftist whiner in the morning.

After the right-winger slept in a bed... alone.

It's amusing considering you've been whining like a little BITCH for what, 12 days now? hehe

You had your chance, and you blew it. You trolled chatrooms and was a complete and total lying prick. You were challenged to a face-to-face, and you backed down repeatedly because you're a gutless, spineless, lily-livered, scared-to-death craven little coward. Don't like it? Then you should've backed up your empty words with face-to-face actions.

Another day goes by, and another day without a "blog" post from the Leftist leech who relies on me for his material. And you can bet that he still won't allow comments when he does.

Comments by who? YOU HAVE NO READERS.

One of the keys to effective leadership is knowing when it would be a good idea to take responsibility for an act that didn't have a positive outcome. Right now, the economy is still on shaky ground. Some elements are improving, while others remain stagnant or declining. With the midterm elections looming in November and Democrats looking more and more vulnerable, President Obama went out...and blamed Republicans for not working with him on his economic plan.

Yeah, things sure are sucking because of Obama, aren't they?

Maybe you missed the Presidential Daily Briefing on this, but your party controls Congress. Blaming Republicans for not working with you ignores the fact that you didn't really need their buy-in to get your economic plan passed. All you're doing is passing the buck to a party whose only "sin" is to oppose you. It's time for you to man up, Mr. President. It was your failure to lead, not the Republicans' failure to follow, that created the economic problems you lament.

Wait a cotton-pickin' minute here. So because Obama can override Republicans, he's not allowed to call out Republicans on their bullshit attempts to block EVERYTHING?

Then, of course, when things actually GET DONE in spite of Republican roadblocking, you guys bitch about how long it took.

Wow. Just... wow.