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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic Sometimes

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Finally, Democrats blame George W. Bush for Gulf oil spill--Chris Dodd video as the blather spreads

Of course, Democrats haven't stopped blaming George W. Bush for what's wrong with the country...

We'll get to that in juuuust a second.

The reason behind this new push to blame Bush is simple: to take attention away from the multitude of blunders committed on President Obama's watch with regards to the oil spill. The longer this story goes, the more inept the Obama Administration looks. And after the Left spent all that time demonizing George W. Bush's slow response to Katrina?

I see. According to you: If it's on Obama's watch, then he's responsible.

Fine, then you're admitting 9/11 is Bush's fault. It's about time!

But in all seriousness, the MMS Official that resigned? Bush official. Self-regulation? Bush. And (again) which administration asked all those oil companies to write up a wish list of what they would most like the Bush administration to do for them, and one of them was to get rid of the very fail safes (such as acoustical shutoff regulators) that would have stopped this very disaster in its tracks? Hint: It wasn't Obama's administration.

Including this column from Los Angeles Times columnist Ronald Brownstein. Surely, Mr. Brownstein has similar comments about President Obama's response to Katrina, right?


Um... Obama wasn't President during Katrina.

Or are you making one of those "Obama's Katrina" right-wing jokes? Just checking since earlier you said it wasn't his Katrina. But if you mean the Obama administration's response to the oil spill: Well, it was just fine, thanks.

Not so much. But I'm sure he's writing a scathing critique very soon!

You have a point. Or rather, you would have a point if Obama ignored begging from the people that needed help, and having several days notice in advance of the rig explosion.