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Monday, May 10, 2010

Gavel To Gavel Coverage

Thomas Lindaman, who (as usual) had nothing to do on a Friday night because he's a pathetic loser, writes this early Saturday morning:

Leftist Coward Watch - Weekend Edition

Comments Since Day 1:

You had your chance! But you backed down from the face-to-face challenges because you were too goddamned SCARED.

Sorry I haven't been able to do one of these in the past couple of days. Then again, it's not like the Leftist blogger who simultaneously hates me and yet relies on me for the majority of his material has done anything. Oh, I'm sure he has an excuse,

From March 18th to April 16th you didn't post a damn thing. Did I say you were scared of me during that time? What's your "excuse"?

like "I have a life and can't blog all the time" or "I'm trying to undo all the damage the Bush Administration did" or "Lindaman is a fat idiot,"

"If I say it before he does, that'll prove I'm not a fat idiot!" Again, what's your excuse?

but it doesn't matter. He's still hiding in his echo chamber,

How original! Again, definitely not stolen from a certain leftist blogger.

afraid to let anyone comment on his blog.

"Anyone"? Again, that would imply you have readers. There's one and ONLY one person I want to see these posts. I couldn't care less what your racist chatroom buddies think, nor do I care about a comment count.

You, on the other hand, have been trying for years to be another Rush Limbaugh. The problem is that you don't have a father that owns a radio station. And again, it's hilarious that you would say that, since you don't link up to me. So for all your fictional readers know, I'm just some imaginary phantom you're making up for drama.

In "Iron Man 2", Mickey Roarke's character says, "If you could make God bleed, people will cease to believe in Him." Judging from recent polling numbers showing that 39% of Americans would vote for him again, President Obama might agree. As we get closer to the first year and a half of the Obama Administration, we've seen a President go from the heights of popularity to middle-of-the-road approval ratings and dropping reelection chances. Granted, the latter shouldn't concern the President just yet. A lot can happen in two years. Still, the impending midterm elections could become a statement about how the electorate feels Obama is doing as President. Conventional wisdom has it that the party out of power in the White House picks up seats in Congress, and the Left has already picked up on that as an excuse for what appears likely to happen in November, but I think it goes beyond that. Since regaining power in Congress, Democrats have done a poor job in relating to the people. If anything, they've shown that they really don't care about the American people and care more about power. Take Nancy Pelosi walking to the House for the health care reform bill carrying an oversized gavel . It made for a great PR moment for the Left, but to a lot of people it came off as a show of arrogance not seen since Marie Antoinette.

Oh, for pete's sake. Now you're bitching about a gavel she was walking with that was given to her as a joke before she passed the health care reform bill?

It was a historic moment, why not carry it? My only complaint is that she didn't use it to play Whack-A-Mole with Republicans.

More on the gavel here:


All that was missing was Pelosi saying, "Let them eat cake, but only if it's on the House cafeteria menu that I approved."

When it comes to health care reform, you guys didn't even have a menu.

Regardless, I'm glad you right-wingers stand up against "Let them eat cake" politicians.


Obama isn't much better in that regard. Since his inauguration, Obama has become known for his arrogance, ranging from the "I won" comment when negotiating with Republicans

Funny, there's a little conflict on whether he actually said "I won." I guess now you will agree that Bush said the Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper.

But even if Obama did say "I won," GOOD. He's right. In the end, he has to make the final choice.

to his frequent use of his Presidential power to live like a king. And with the media coverage of the First Family, it's hard not to notice that sort of thing. Instead of changing his practices, Obama kept them up, which has slowly eroded his credibility. Except with 39% of the electorate polled.

Remember when Bush said he had a "mandate" after getting almost 51% of the vote in the 2004 election? And that he had earned political capital and that he intended to spend it? Why weren't you complaining then?

Obama had more than twice of Bush's 2004 vote margin and 63 more electoral votes than Bush.

Obama doesn't back down, so you guys call him arrogant and uppity. Why, of course you will. Again, a leader with an actual spine is refreshing. He ain't no Alan Colmes, that's for sure.