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Monday, May 17, 2010

Do What We Want, Or You're Not Post-Partisan!

Thomas Lindaman wrote:

Leftist Coward Watch - Day 10

Comments Since Day 1:

You had your chances! Funny how you keep avoiding that fact.

Another day, and another day when the Leftist leech "blogging" about me won't allow people to post comments.

Again, WHAT "people"? It's. Just. You. You had your chance, and you blew it. You trolled chatrooms and was a complete and total lying prick. You were challenged to a face-to-face, and you backed down repeatedly because you're a gutless, spineless, lily-livered, scared-to-death craven little coward. Don't like it? Then you should've backed up your empty words.

His big thing, though, is pointing out the lack of comments on my site as "proof" of something.

It's proof that YOU HAVE NO READERS. Thus, your bitching about comments is IRRELEVANT.

Of course, he's not bright enough to consider the important difference between my blog and his pathetic excuse for a blog.

Hey, at least this "pathetic blog" knows the difference between a pinkie being bitten off and an ear being bitten off. And it actually checks its sources, Mr. "Claim Traction."

At least I allow comments. I give you "You"? You're acting like you have readers. the choice of whether you want to comment. He doesn't.

Nope, because the only commenter would be YOU. I link RIGHT back to you. You don't, because you don't want your fictional readers to see where you screw up. The only way you could get someone else to comment would be if you begged your AOL chatroom buddies to help. You see, my goal is different from yours. The purpose of this blog is to show where YOU PERSONALLY are full of it. I don't care how many readers I have. My goal is accomplished with every posting. Your goal, however, is to be a famous political pundit. Think about how far that goal has come, you FAILURE.

Wow. A Leftist who hates choice. How...utterly predictable.

Yeah, right-wingers LOVE choice! Just ask Eric Robert Rudolph!

With the recent British elections, we have a chance to consider the impact of a split government on a population. New Prime Minister David Cameron, a member of the Conservative Party, has been asked to try to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democrat Party in spite of the fact they're not that ideologically close. Granted, a Conservative in Britain may be closer to the left side of the spectrum here, but it's still a test of leadership to try to create a workable coalition based on a common goal of running the country. Compare that to the "leadership" being shown by our own government. Democrats treat anyone who doesn't agree with them (including members of their own party, I might add) as intellectually inferior, morally corrupt, and potentially dangerous. Remember Obama's statement after an early meeting with Congressional Republicans? "I won."

This again? SO?

And Obama was heralded as the first "post-partisan" President because of his alleged ability to build coalitions across party lines.

Obama should NOT be post-partisan with complete whackos.

I guess that ability was as truthful as his promise of tax cuts for 95% of Americans.

Are you saying it wasn't truthful?

Whether Cameron is successful in building a coalition government will be interesting to see, provided it's an honest attempt to build and not just lip service designed to get people to vote for him like a certain sitting President. If Cameron is successful, it may be one of those time when I agree with the Left that we need to be more like Europe.

The right-wingers in this country think that "post-partisan" means "Do exactly what the right-wingers want." Never mind the fact that the GOP gets chances for bipartisanship even when they don't deserve it and will just say "no" regardless.

Don't worry, the Conservatives over there aren't retarded, so we'll see some bipartisanship there.