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Monday, May 10, 2010


Thomas Lindaman writes:

Excuses, Excuses It's amazing to watch Obama supporters go out of their way to go back on their previous criticisms of the Bush Administration to defend the Obama Administration for doing the same thing...or worse. For 8 years, we heard "Cheney's tied to Haliburton" in spite of the facts to the contrary (such as Cheney divesting himself of Haliburton stock prior to becoming Vice President, and President Bill Clinton giving Haliburton the no-bid contracts prior to Cheney even becoming Vice President). So, let's apply that same logic to Obama. Seems he has clear connections to a certain business that his Administration and its supporters in Congress and the media have been bashing for the past few weeks: Goldman Sachs. Who gave Obama nearly one million dollars during his campaign for President? Goldman Sachs. What company is connected to the Chicago Climate Exchange, an entity that lists Barack Obama as a Vice President? Goldman Sachs. Who gave $10,000 to Elena Kagan, the woman recently tapped as a Supreme Court nominee? Goldman Sachs. What company did Obama economic advisor Robert Rubin have on his resume as a chairman? Goldman Sachs. What company gave Obama economic advisor Lawrence Summers $135,000 for a speech? Goldman Sachs. Where did a number of Obama Cabinet members work in some capacity? Goldman Sachs. I think you get the idea. But to the Leftist "blogger" who leaches off of me and seems to be dumber than a post, the idea is simple: the Obama supporters who bashed Bush and Cheney for their ties to Big Oil and Haliburton yet remain silent about Obama's direct ties to Goldman Sachs are hypocrites. Like a certain Leftist "blogger" who is afraid to let people comment on his blog because they'll prove him wrong about everything he says.

Yeah, like your last post? You know, where you fucked up and are now clamming up on that issue? Hahaha

You shouldn't have backed down from those face-to-face challenges. Now you're exposed as a gutless coward, in addition to the fact that you're stupid, fat, ugly, poor, a virgin, living alone in a shitty apartment, have no real-life friends, are not supported by your family, and have poor dental hygene.

So, where are the Obama supporters publicly calling out the President and his Cabinet with the same fervor as they called out the Bush Administration? They're not there. They're too busy trying to make excuses or hiding from the truth. Unfortunately for them, not everyone is as willingly deaf, dumb, and blind.

Wow, Goldman-Sachs gave Obama nearly one million dollars during his campaign! Goldman-Sachsgate! It's going to be Obama's Waterloo/Katrina/9-11!

Hmm... just a second here... Really? They were FROM Goldman-Sachs? Isn't that over the $2300 limit that Goldman-Sachs can contribute?

Oh, I see! These were donations from Goldman-Sachs employees, NOT from Goldman-Sachs. What was that about dumb as a post?

But even if it was from Goldman-Sachs directly... and even if there's a bunch of "dirty little ties"... Are you saying Obama should call off his investigation of Goldman-Sachs? Is that what Conservatives are implying? Or are they simply having difficulty reaching for the straw dispenser again? So Obama got money from Goldman-Sachs and then told the Dems in Congress to get busy writing reform anyway. And the problem is...?

Obama is obviously working for Goldman-Sachs! That's why Goldman-Sachs is being investigated for fraud. Because they WANT to be investigated. They have shorted their own company on the stock market, and when their company tanks, then they are going to make HUGE amounts of money. Uh, right?

The fact that Obama goes after them anyway, shows he's above the corporate influence that money has in politics. D'oh for you guys! Looks like more proof Goldman-Sachs sucks at investing money. lol