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Monday, May 3, 2010

It Sure Ain't

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Why the Gulf Oil Spill Isn't Obama's Katrina

Because President Obama doesn't have an out.

An out for WHAT? Why would he need an out for responding immediately?

His delays are by his own design,

WHAT "delays"? They were there IMMEDIATELY.

not because of incompetent Democrat Mayors and Governors (which is what caused the delays Bush encountered in responding to the Katrina situation). That's right. Bush's delays were caused by...Democrats.

Blaming Blanco AGAIN, eh? We covered that:


Blanco asked Bush for help. Bush went to bed and did nothing. Obama's Administration was right there immediately.

So, what's Obama's excuse?

Excuse for WHAT? You guys still haven't said what he could have done differently!

Oh, and to my Leftist counterpart, until you open your blog to let others post responses (like I've done from the beginning), you're still a coward.

"Others"? There are no "others" unless you beg your good racist friends in an AOL chatroom for help. Otherwise, it's just YOU. What would you do differently? How is posting in a comment any different than you posting on your own blog (that I ALWAYS link back to, unlike you)? If you had ANYTHING to "pound arguments into the ground" you would USE them. So what's your motivation? Is it because posting on your blog is more open and blatant, and thus makes it more embarrassing for you when they're easily shot down? Or is your motivation to enable you to use the more likely tactic (that you've used before): Asking your proven racist internet friends to spam? Your own latest post shows that even when proven otherwise, you're just going to keep repeating the same bullshit. And yes, you do that even in your OWN comment responses. Your initial blog postings seem to be written in a softer tone and geared toward people who don't know what an asshole you really are. But we know better, don't we? People have tried to "reason" with you, and that just makes you even worse. You just do the Pee-Wee defense and tack on ":-)" at the end of everything because you know you're safe.

If you weren't such an unbelievably obnoxious prick EVERY SINGLE TIME someone even GENTLY questions you on your very obvious (and very repeated) lies, you wouldn't have to deal with any of this now. And you became an even bigger prick after you were "born again."

You also had repeated opportunities for a face-to-face. You backed down every single time.

So this is the price you now have to pay. Now you can't ask your good close racist AOL chatroom friends to help spam anybody. You're on your own, Mr. Bootstrappy.

Your lies will have to be open and blatant for everyone to see, not buried in a comment with a smiley emoticon. You had your chances and you backed down.

Just like Bush on Katrina and 9/11, you were warned well in advance. It's too late.

So now...