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Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Not Working! Make More Noise!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Leftist Coward Watch - Day 13

Comments On Lindaman's Blog Since Day One:

You had your chance, and you blew it. You trolled chatrooms and was a complete and total lying prick. You were challenged to a face-to-face, and you backed down repeatedly because you are a gutless, spineless, lily-livered, scared-to-death craven little coward. Don't like it? Then you should've backed up your empty words.

Let's just say that the Leftist leech

What leech are you talking about? There's no link! Your fictional readers have no idea who you're referring to. If someone stumbled onto your site, they would think you were insane. lol

is still cowering behind a "Don't Post, Don't Respond" order and leave it at that.

Who's not posting? You're posting. I'm posting.

Who's not responding? I'm responding. You're responding. So who's not posting or responding? Your imaginary readers? lol

Do you really think that I would give up the power over your blog now? If so, you're missing the entire point. I LOVE that you have to keep referring back to me. Could you imagine a REAL right-wing pundit like Beck doing that? I'm a daily reminder, ON YOUR OWN BLOG, of just how not famous you are. You're just making it easier for me. I don't even have to post as quickly anymore. Thanks!

I wouldn't want to embarrass him further by pointing out how he can't seem to come up with original material independent of my posts...oops. I just did.

Not on THIS site. Nope! That's not the goal of it.

Politics is full of surreal moments, but none have made the Surreal-O-Meter go up to 11 like President Barack Obama getting testy at oil companies for testifying before Congress to try to shift blame away from themselves and onto other parties. Not to mention, he blamed...get this...previous Administrations for their relationships with oil companies. Of course, he spared himself blame for the situation in the Gulf, saying his Administration was fighting against the oil companies to bring them under closer regulation on day one. Gee, that sounds familiar. What is interesting to note is how frequently the Obama Administration has been using "day one" rhetoric lately, even when it's clear that the Administration didn't act as decisively on day one as they say they have.

They did.

Plus, it doesn't explain away the lack of fire booms, which could have helped contain the spill,

Covered that.

nor does it explain why BP is doing so much more than the federal government to address the spill.


But regardless:


That's part of this story that isn't getting covered nearly enough, but one part that is getting tons of coverage is the President attacking oil companies for the oil spill. I don't overlook the fact that BP may have cut corners, and if it's proven that they did, they deserve to pay the price. However, I also don't overlook the fact that the federal government's lack of quick action made the problem worse.

WHAT "lack of quick action"?

If Obama wants to hold the oil companies (including ones that didn't have anything to do with the Gulf Coast spill) accountable, then he'd best prepare for others to hold him and his Administration accountable. And no amount of surreal political finger-pointing will change that.

Accountable for WHAT? They responded IMMEDIATELY. Jeez, do you REALLY believe the things you're saying?

Or are you just trying to get quoted in a newspaper?

You guys can scream about Obama's Katrina all you like. It's not working. The right-wing noise machine is failing, yet again.