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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep Fighting The Inevitable

Thomas Lindaman writes:

It hasn't been that long ago that Elena Kagan was tapped to be President Obama's latest pick to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. And it hasn't been that long ago that Kagan's past and experience have been scrutinized by people all over the political spectrum. So, it shouldn't be any surprise that the Left is trying to accelerate Kagan's appointment to the High Court.

Why is the Left so hell-bent on getting Kagan appointed? Easy. It's a way for the Left to promote their interpretation (or misinterpretation as the case may be) of the Constitution for decades.

Great, let's see these misinterpretations!

Oh. Nothing.

But I think it goes deeper than that. I think the Left is hoping that one of the more conservative Justices retires for one reason or another while Obama is President. Even the middle of the road Justice Anthony Kennedy may buck the Leftist trend under certain circumstances. With the current make-up of the USSC, Kennedy becomes an important swing vote.

At least, until he retires. Then the President at that time has the chance to flex political muscle to guarantee a majority that will stand for decades. The only way this happens, though, is if a conservative or moderate voice gets replaced by a Leftist voice, or vice versa. If Kagan gets appointed, it replaces a Leftist for a Leftist, but it sets Obama up nicely for a chance to replace Kennedy with a Justice more in tune with his and his supporters' ideology.

I'm positive the President knows all of this, which is why he's pushing Kagan's appointment so much. But given the implications, shouldn't we take the time to make sure Kagan's up to the task of being a Supreme Court Justice?

It's not like she's going anywhere, after all.

Yay! Another simple conspiracy!

Again, Kagan's hardly a radical "Leftist."

You right-wingers can fight things tooth-and-nail all you want. Sometimes you make short-term gains and make America take a step backwards, but sooner or later, you'll always lose.

You'll never be able to make abortions illegal again. Never.

You won't be able to destroy social programs.

You won't have little children working in mines ever again.

No matter how much you try to get textbooks full of lies crammed into schools, you'll never be able to stop the separation of church and state ever again.

You'll never be able to keep the Wrong People from drinking from the same fountain ever again.

In the end, the progressive mindset wins, because it's inevitable in a civilized country. And even when there are steps backward thanks to you right-wingers, sooner or later we step forward and never go back.

We may be far behind Europe on many issues, but eventually we'll get there, too. We're going to eventually get universal health care. We're going to eventually get rid of capital punishment. And gun control will be very strict, as it should be. It may not happen in our lifetime, but it's going to happen just as it did with those other issues. You can count on it.

Keep fighting the inevitable, because it makes it all the more satisfying when you eventually lose. Just like you always have.