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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yep, Smart. Not Scared.

On an early SATURDAY morning, because he has nothing to do on a Friday night, Thomas Lindaman writes:

I've been a pretty vocal critic of how inept the Obama Administration has been since January 2009, and it's gotten me in a bit of hot water with some people on the Left.

All those readers of yours, you mean? lol

But contrary to their claims, it's not because of racism.

Racism is the least of your problems. It is funny when you try to speak for Martin Luther King, though.

It truly is a question of competence.

The latest question arose after the Obama Administration lifted sanctions on three Russian groups previously accused of helping Iran develop nuclear weapons. It may be done in an attempt to curry Russia's favor in supporting a UN resolution criticizing Iran's nuclear program.

And yet again, you reword things to deceive your fictional readers.

It's not a UN resolution "criticizing Iran's nuclear program." It's a resolution to put more sanctions on Iran. Yet again you have to lie. You say the Obama administration "does nothing", then when they do something, you just reword it to make it sound like they're doing nothing. Then you say they're the incompetent ones.

Of course, it's making a huge assumption that Russia will sign off on the resolution if we just show good faith.

And in the real world, this doesn't work because the Russians are not operating from a position of good faith. Negotiations work when both sides operate from the same set of rules and are looking for a mutually beneficial outcome. When one side doesn't play by those rules and seeks a singularly beneficial outcome, no amount of giving from the other side will make a difference.

Unless the Obama Administration has a rock-solid guarantee that Russia will sign off on the UN resolution against Iran, this move is sheer folly and exposes how naive the Administration is. Furthermore, it exposes a weakness in our foreign policy, one that Russia will be more than willing to exploit. Supporters of the President like to talk about how Obama has restored worldwide respect to America, but I'm just not seeing it.

You're not seeing it! What a shocker!

No matter how many times he bows before foreign leaders

Yeah, you're supposed to fart as a greeting. This is America, after all.

or tries to play nice with those countries who do not like us or sells out our allies,

"He forgot Poland!"

the world does not see Obama as credible. I get the impression that world leaders see Obama like a little boy playing dress-up in Daddy's clothes. It's cute when you're a kid, but when you're the leader of the free world, it loses a lot of its appeal.

Yeah, and you're basing that on... absolutely nothing. But what else is new? You just hate the fact that the United States is now less embarrassing than it was under Bush.

Oh, and to add to the fun, the Obama Administration also lifted sanctions against a company that provided anti-tank guided missiles to Syria.


Brilliant, indeed. Since Russia had already agreed to the UN resolution to sanctions on Iran three days before. They had already agreed to several treaties and resolutions without anything in return. Now some trade is being opened.

But hey, you can keep your Cold War if it makes you feel better.