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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Government Succeeded, So It... Failed?

Democrat President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk in the Oval Office that read "The Buck Stops Here." Too bad the Obama Administration doesn't hold itself to the same standard. ABC News reports that the Administration blames Emirate Airlines for Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square would-be-bomber, almost being allowed to leave the country. The reason? "It takes a while for the airlines system to catch up." One tiny problem: airport security didn't stop him from getting on the plane in the first place. The plane was within minutes of taking off before security finally realized he was on it. How long before DHS Secretary Janet Napoletano will issue another knee-slapper like "The system worked"?

Already covered that here.

Let's be honest here (something I know my Leftist blogger counterpart can't do).

You're the cocksucker that blatantly lies in every one of your posts. "Generic scientists!" (still waiting, COWARD).

You can't back up your statements with ANYTHING. But what else is new?

The system isn't working due in no small part to the absurd PC standards the Left has hefted upon airport security. The same geniuses who consider old ladies at TEA Party rallies to be possible terrorist threats are the ones who insist that they be searched at the airport just to appease those who complain about alleged racism in the search process.

So what are you trying to say here? You guys keep dancing around this using terms like "PC", just like you did with the Underwear Bomber. What do you want? Just say it!

The failure here isn't with Emirate Airlines; it's with the federal government. But just like when anything else bad happens to the Administration, the buck will stop with someone else because they refuse to take the blame for their ineptitude.

The airline doesn't update their database and refresh it's information, but thanks to built-in federal redundancies (CBP review), they still catch the bad guy. But... the federal government is to blame. Kay.

The reality is that our government, that you hate so much, did its job.

A former Bush administration official tells ABC news that after 9/11, the counterterrorism community proposed a new requirement for all those leaving the U.S. to present their papers and documentation, "but the airlines went ballistic." The former Bush administration official recalls airline executives and their representatives complaining that this added layer would "cause delay and would be expensive." And ultimately that argument won the day.

The CBP held the plane at the gate after a CBP official spotted Shahzad's name on the locked in passenger list. CBP falls under the purview of the DHS. Thanks, Janet!

Yet again, Conservatives blame the government when it succeeds and private enterprise fails.

Conservatives talk about where the buck stops, then they blame the wrong people.

Emirates Airlines fails and the government succeeds in capturing a bad guy? Government's fault.

BP fails and the government rescues? Government's fault.

Wall Street fails and the government tries to reform it? Government's fault.

Why do Conservatives hate the government? Because they are for smaller government, right? No, they were silent before Obama.

They hate the government, because there's a Democrat in White House that's getting things accomplished.