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Monday, May 10, 2010

Obama's Katrina? No! It's Obama's 9/11!

Once upon a time, Democrats screamed bloody murder at Republicans using 9/11 as a political football (even though they did it, too, but in a different way). When pictures of President Bush taken on Air Force One on 9/11 were being sent to donors in exchange for their donations, Democrats went ballistic. How dare Republicans exploit a tragedy for campaign cash? Welcome to Democrat Political Logic, 2010 style. H]ere's a perfect example of why we must keep fighting: Last week's deadly oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico has unleashed an oil spill that threatens livelihoods, pristine beaches, and wildlife along America's coast. The spill could eclipse the damage done by the 1989 Exxon-Valdez disaster. The Obama administration has vowed to "keep a boot on the throat" of BP to ensure the corporation is held accountable for the spill. But Republican Leader Rush Limbaugh has a different plan. He said there's no need to clean up the spill because "the ocean will take care of this on its own," and that oil is "natural. It's as natural as the ocean water is." Sign our petition. Stand with President Obama to hold BP accountable for this disastrous spill. Rush Limbaugh is entirely wrong: This oil will not clean itself up. Corporations must be held accountable for their actions.... With 11 oil rig workers still unaccounted for as of this writing (and after it took Obama nine days to even publicly acknowledge the oil spill even happened), this email from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is tacky, as tacky as the Democrats said the Bush 9/11 photos being used for campaign contributions were. But this goes a bit further. Seems if you sign the petition, you're sent to a page where you can contribute money to the DSCC. And it's also a way for the DSCC (and any arm of the DNC, I imagine) to get you on an email list so they can send you more solicitations for campaign cash, presumably when there's another fit of Leftist outrage at one thing or another. And you have to love the email's verbiage, quoting the Obama Administration vowing to "keep a boot on the throat" of BP. As I pointed out in a previous post, the Obama Administration is in no position to do anything of the sort, given that his own government broke federal law by not having fire booms at the ready to address the Gulf Coast oil spill. With this email from the DSCC, it's clear that Democrats had all hands out instead of on deck.

I love how the missing workers is a tragedy for Conservatives... NOW. Because it sure wasn't a tragedy to them when the 11 workers went missing. They were dead silent on the issue when they went missing. It wasn't until later on when they tried to blame Obama for it, did it become a "tragedy." A tragedy that apparently requires burning them with fire booms. The spill itself is definitely a tragedy.

Oh, wait a second... the spill is NOT a tragedy. At least, not according to Rush Limbaugh.


But because of the DSCC's petition that links to DSCC campaign money, on DSCC's own website, since Democrats can and DO hold corporations responsible when they screw up, it's now a tragedy.

And to Conservatives, that's totally the same as hawking 9/11 photos.

Conservatives have gone from the oil spill being Obama's Katrina, to Obama's 9/11. Amazing. Golf clap for you shitheads.