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Monday, May 17, 2010

Kagan Ain't No Miers

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Leftist Coward Watch - Day 11

Comments Since Day 1:

It's back and better than ever!

You had your chance, and you blew it. You trolled chatrooms and was a complete and total lying prick. You were repeatedly challenged to a face-to-face, and you backed down repeatedly because you are a gutless, spineless, lily-livered, scared-to-death craven little coward. Don't like it? Then you should've backed up your empty words.

I know it's getting predictable, but it's always fun to point out how the Leftist leech who relies on me for the material for his "blog" still hasn't gotten the courage to allow comments. If his ideas are so superior, shouldn't he welcome the chance to engage people

Again, WHAT "people"? YOU HAVE NO READERS.

of a different ideological bent? Surely he wouldn't cower behind a lame excuse like "I don't want your friends flaming my blog." Oh, wait. He does.

There are no "people of a different ideological bent." There's JUST YOU. If you post in a comment HERE, your fictional readers won't be able to see your mistakes, because YOU WON'T LINK TO HERE. By forcing you to post it on YOUR site, your screw-ups are public. The only way you could even POSSIBLY get someone else to comment, is if you beg your racist chatroom buddies. Not "your friends"; if you had real-life friends they would check out your blog from time-to-time, then help you out and post comments on it, wouldn't they?

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's legal history has been under the microscope this week, and what we've found so far has been, in a word, unimpressive. But to hear the Left talk, she's brilliant and an exceptional choice because of some of the people who have come before her with equivalent experience. Yep! And you're leaving out that many of those people were from CONSERVATIVES. We're supposed to overlook the lack of experience and just focus on the diversity angle, as Kagan would be the third woman on the USSC if confirmed.

What nonsense is this? She'll bring diversity, just not in the way you're thinking.

The problem with this approach is that diversity without consideration of qualifications undercuts the point of having diversity in the first place. Let's not forget, the Left had a chance to nominate a woman to the USSC under George W. Bush, Harriet Miers. Where were they? Making a big issue of Miers' lack of experience. Couldn't have anything to do with who nominated her, could it?

Sorry, Kagan ain't no Miers. But again it's funny to see another Bush failure as a Conservative talking point. "It's Obama's Miers!" Even Jon Stewart is having fun with this.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah. That would make the Left look petty and hypocritical. Of course, they are...

"I'm an Independent(tm)! Both sides are bad... so vote Republican!"

The only hypocrisy we're seeing as far as USSC nominations has been from the Conservatives. Yet again you guys have to live in Bizarro World.

No idea why you guys are bitching anyway, since Kagan is hardly a radical liberal.