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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Corporations Spill? Government's Fault.

Thomas Lindaman wrote:

Once again, the Obama Administration gives us an insight on how seriously they're taking the Gulf Coast oil spill. Politico reported yesterday that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson was scheduled to headline a fundraiser for Senate Democrats in Manhattan, but canceled her appearance after Politico broke the story. The fact that she waited this long to cancel her fundraiser appearance in light of the Gulf Coast oil spill isn't all that surprising. If Politico hadn't run the story, I have every reason to believe Jackson would have gone without even a twinge of guilt.

Based on nothing, but it's all about the truthiness, right?

Then again, she's only following the lead of the guy who appointed her. It's also come out recently that President Obama went to California for a fundraiser for Senator Barbara Boxer.


Of course, there's always a possibility that Jackson and Obama could focus on the oil spill and still do fundraising, but that's not the point. The point is that the Administration and its media minions have been complaining about BP's lack of speed in addressing the oil spill, relishing in each failure.

How about the fact that BP is responsible for the spill?

Yet, if you look at a full and honest account of what has happened to date, you'll find plenty of failures to act from the Obama Administration.

Let's hear 'em!

And while we're here,


let me take on another Leftist excuse for the failure of the Obama Administration to adequately address the Gulf Coast oil spill. The New York Times stated that the Administration's hands were tied by BP on cleaning up the spill and sealing the leak. As incompetent as I think the federal government is generally, I don't buy this line at all.

Of course you don't. Based on nothing, but what else is new?

It's a convenient excuse for an Administration whose priorities are clearly with raising money, not with addressing the ecological disaster they lament in public.

Based on nothing.

Besides, isn't the EPA supposed to be able to address this sort of thing? The very EPA that Ms. Jackson heads?

You continue to leave out the fact that it's BP's responsibility.

In 1989, when the Exxon Valdez ran aground in Alaska. "Leftists" (and everybody else on the planet outside of an Exxon board room) blamed Exxon and Captain Joe Hazelwood, not Bush Sr.

It's nice to see Conservatism means taking the side of criminally negligent polluters over the Federal government... again.

All of that oil leaking into the Gulf is the property of BP. If the rig hadn't exploded they would own 100% of the profits off of its sale. That's their oil, therefore it's their responsibility when it spills and poisons the country.

That's the 'risk' part of Capitalism. If your business kills a part of the ecosystem you lose all of your money and it's Game Over.

But no, according to Conservatives, the blame that accrues to Obama in this disaster, is that as a Democrat coming into office after a Republican, he did not assume that every government regulatory body was infiltrated with pro-business, anti-regulation, brain-dead, Republican Palin-Americans, hell-bent on lining the pockets of their big-business cronies at the expense of the health and wealth of everyone else in America.

In the end, this disaster, and every other recent disaster, shows the need for great government regulation of big business, as espoused by Democrats, and opposed by Republicans.

Get back to us when one of you Conservatives understand what responsibility is.