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Monday, May 10, 2010

White People - NEVER The Enemy!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Leftist Coward Watch - Day 2

Comments Since Day 1:

Hey, you had several chances! If you hadn't backed down from those face-to-face challenges, you wouldn't have to deal with this, you gutless little cretin.

Another day, and another series of posts from a Leftist blogger

None of which you could refute. And don't pretend it's because you're "ignoring" me, since you tried to refute AGW in several responses to me using laughable sources, and failed.

who hates me, but yet relies on me for his very existence.

For this blog, absolutely. The purpose of this blog is to expose your lying for all to see, yep!

Oh, and he's still hiding behind a shield of not allowing anyone to post to his blog. I guess when you live in a Leftist echo chamber,

Sheesh, now you're not even waiting a DAY to rip me off. At least you waited a few days before "Bizarro World."

you can't really afford anyone who might be able to prove you wrong...

Like maps of Europe being the globe! And pictures of Obama looking at a girl's ass when actual video proves he wasn't! How can I handle such facts?

Anyway, today's bit of fun comes from the "Told Ya So" Department. You know how Leftists were saying the TEA Parties were breeding grounds of potential domestic terrorism? And you know how they were hinting that the Times Square bomber might have been white?

Uh... they were "hinting" that he might have been white because... the NEW YORK POLICE were suspecting it was a white male. So now the NYPD is part of the liberal conspiracy?

Well, the NYPD arrested a naturalized American citizen from Pakistan in conjunction with the bombing. Hmmm...he doesn't look like a white TEA Party member, does he? Nope, but the Left needed him to be one to justify their slander of the TEA Party movement. The Left is playing a game from the Alinsky School of Leftist Debate:

Again, how could Conservatives survive without your originality?

if you can't beat 'em, lie about 'em.

That's funny, considering you just lied by stating their suspicions of the bomber being white were unfounded.

But yeah, it's definitely a leftist thing. That's why you guys weren't handing this book out at Teabagger functions:

By promoting the notion that the TEA Parties were breeding grounds for hatred, the Left hoped people would agree with them now and not ask questions later. Of course, the facts prove them wrong time and time again, as police reports from the TEA Parties are scarce in number. Seems the TEA Parties aren't the problem, guys.

So the actions of a terrorist justifies the idiocy of the Teabaggers? How exactly does that work?

But yeah, Teabaggers are just fine. This is of course, an "isolated incident". Definitely unlike the Pakistani incident.

Maybe if you wouldn't be so afraid of debate (like my Leftist blogging counterpart),

We've seen your idea of "debate." Remember this "debate"?:

Leftist: "If Bush is such a fiscal Conservative, why do we have such a large deficit?"

Lindaman: "Let me try to explain this in a way you can comprehend, okay? :-)"

Leftist: "Just answer the question."

Lindaman: "You see, deficits are what happens when you spend more money than what you take in. Understand? :-)"

Leftist: "That's not what we're talking about. I know what the definition of deficit is."

Lindaman: "Apparently not. :-)"

Leftist: "You're not answering the question. Why is BUSH creating deficits when he's supposed to be a fiscal Conservative?"

Lindaman: "I answered your question! :-)"

** AceofSwrds has left the room **

(Dialogue is unedited)

To say nothing of you BACKING DOWN.

you'd see that we're not the enemy. The people who want to kill us are the enemies.

And who are those people? And for that matter, who is "us"? Do you have a mouse in your pocket?

But yes, we can't trust those non-white Muslims with funny names! We should be trumpeting heroes like that White Christian guy who called the cops on that Times Square car bomber! Oh, wait...

I'm not concerned about the Teabaggers being terrorists. That's giving them WAY too much credit. Sure, something heated MIGHT happen someday at a rally, like Bubba may shewt some faggy liberal in the back with Uncledaddy's shotgun, but a full scale organized terrorist attack? Nah. Like right-wing survivalists, they don't have the intellect, passion, or the organization for something of that magnitude. They have the conviction of a wilted flower.

But on the other hand, the Teabaggers are eager to take credit for certain things. Like Scott Brown's election. You know, the guy that voted for cloture on Reid's $15 billion jobs package. He also helped kill a GOP filibuster against blocking an extension of unemployment benefits. Thanks, guys!

The Left generally kicks their nutjobs off the bus. The Right demands they drive.